View Full Version : Jesse MacBeth charged- fake anti-war soldier

May 21st, 2007, 05:02 PM
This guy was pushed big time by anti-war websites, activist groups, and the
news media for a long, long time.

Until one little thing popped up.

He was a complete fraud.

Jesse MacBeth claimed he had been a soldier
in Iraq, awarded a Purple Heart, and that he
had killed innocent civilians in Fallujah, in
a mosque no less.

He was paraded around for showing the world what
hateful animals the Americans really are, killing
innocents in religious sites!

He was kicked out of boot camp after a few weeks.

He isn't the only guy who was found out to be a
fraud. There have been more than a handful.

This will not make headline news, as it should be.
His anti-war,anti-American words were given big headlines.
His lies should as well. Won't though.

There are some sincere and legitimate anti-war, anti-Bush
soldiers out there, who can speak out. As they do, w/o
any real backlash. Why did they need to believe this idiot.
They wanted to.

PBS just showed East of Eden on tv with James Dean.
Underlying it all is the anti-war, anti-capitalist,
theme - soldiers dying for nothing, about big business
and money, initial support from the towns and cities, to
later disapproval and anger. That was WWI.