View Full Version : Deadly shootings in Moscow, Idaho

May 20th, 2007, 11:34 PM
Police in Moscow, Idaho, say one of two officers shot while responding to a sniper shooting has died of his injuries.
Two people have been found dead inside a church.
Law enforcement officers stormed a church after cornering the gunman inside. Police say one of the two dead people inside was the shooter.
The incident began Saturday night. Moscow police say about 75 shots were fired into the Latah County Courthouse as a lure to an apparent ambush. When officers responded, police say, the shooter opened fire wounding a police officer, a sheriff's deputy and a civilian. They add that the gunman appeared to shoot "at anybody he could."
An automatic assault rifle, ammunition and spent shells were found near one of the bodies inside the church. Police say they do not yet have a motive for the attack.