View Full Version : How the game has missed Jen Jen

Steffica Greles
Mar 31st, 2007, 05:23 PM
Although Jennifer certainly had her moments in her career, I would rate her as a perennial bridesmaid. She played SO many closely fought matches which she could have won. She competed evenly with the likes of Seles in 1991, with Henin in 2003, with Venus in 2001, and Serena at many points in their careers, and their was nothing between her and any of them. But many of those fiercely contested matches she eventually lost.

But my how the game misses her presence. Such a physically strong woman, who even 10 lbs over weight (as she often appeared) could scurry around the court as quickly as any woman ever has; and not only that, she had endurance too.

Jen seemed to bring the best of of her opponents, and that's what the tour misses.