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Mar 19th, 2007, 12:28 PM
In red, girls who are under 20

KUZNETSOVA Svetlana -Russia -21 y.o -former best ranking:4 -NEW:3
VAIDOSOVA Nicole -Czech Republic -17 y.o -former best ranking:9 -NEW:8
GARBIN Tathiana -Italy -29 y.o -former best ranking:27 -NEW:25
BAMMER Sybille -Austria -26 y.o -former best ranking:42 -NEW:30
KANEPI Kaia -Estonia -21 y.o -former best ranking:60 -NEW:56
AZARENKA Victoria -Belarussia -17 y.o -former best ranking:73 -NEW:66
SUN Tian Tian -China -25 y.o -former best ranking:79 -NEW:77
BRIANTI Alberta -Italy -26 y.o -former best ranking:84 -NEW:79
KLOESEL Sandra -Germany -27 y.o -former best ranking:89 -NEW:87
BONDARENKO Kateryna -Ukraine -20 y.o -former best ranking:94 -NEW:90
PASZEK Tamira -Austria -16 y.o -former best ranking:101 -NEW:100
MEUSBURGER Yvonne -Austria -23 y.o -former best ranking:112 -NEW:110
ROLLE Ahsha -USA -21 y.o -former best ranking:126 -NEW:113
WOZNIACKI Caroline -Denmark -16 y.o -former best ranking:138 -NEW:121
JOHANSSON Mathilde -France -21 y.o -former best ranking:137 -NEW:136
IVANOVA Ekaterina -Russia -19 y.o -former best ranking:170 -NEW:166
SANCHEZ Olivia -France -24 y.o -former best ranking:180 -NEW:179
PETKOVIC Andrea -Germany -19 y.o -former best ranking:188 -NEW:187
DITTY Julie -USA -27 y.o -former best ranking:191 -NEW:190
KOPS JONES Raquel -USA -24 y.o -former best ranking:193 -NEW:191
RODINA Evgeniya -Russia -18 y.o -former best ranking:200 -NEW:199
WIDJAJA Jenifer -Brazil -20 y.o -former best ranking:203 -NEW:200


Sybille BAMMER: Who said that being a mum was uncompatible with a tennis pro career?? Sybille has never been so competitive since her mum status. Last week, she reached her 3rd semi final career and 1rst in a Tier 1. With Dementieva withdrew, Sybille benefited from a seed status at Indian Wells Tier I $2,1M. As 33rd seed, she ousted 30th seed/n°42 Peng, 10th seed/n°14 Ivanovic and 13th seed/n°19 golovin before falling to 2nd seed/n°4 Kuznetsova in 3 sets. Sybille's goal for the year was to reach the Top 30, she already made it after 3 months of competiton!

Victoria AZARENKA: Talentuous Victoria is back on that thread and now a Top 70 member. At Indian Wells, she reached the 3rd round as qualifer with good victory over n°43 Loit and 22nd seed/n°31 Zheng before losing to in form 15th seed/n°20 Zvonareva.

Alberta BRIANTI: Alberta is steadily rising in the world ranking, now Top 80! She seems to adapt herself preety well to the WTA circuit. She ran to the 2nd rd as a qualifer at Indian Wells $2,1M falling to 23rd seed/n°32 Alona Bondarenko.

Ahsha ROLLE: 2 days before her 22nd annivresary, Ahsha's got her 1rst gift...a nex ranking record! As WC at Indian Wells, she made it to the 3rd rd with convincing victories over n°64 Yakimova and 29th seed/n°41 compatriot Shaughnessy before retiring vs eventual semi finalist 6th seed/n°10 Vaidisova.

Caroline WOZNIACKI: Caroline over takes Cornet for the 2nd highest ranked girl born in 1990 after reaching the 2nd rd at Indian Wells beating n°9 Gajdosova before losing to experienced 3rd seed/n°6 Hingis.

FASTER MOVEMENTS IN THE TOP 10, 20, 50, 100, 150 and 200

TOP 10:
Nicole VAIDISOVA n°8 (+2): Nicole is up 2 placs and is reaching her ever best ranking at n°8. She confirms that she's now a Grnad Slam pretender and why not a future n°1. Last week, she made it to the SF at Indian Wells Tier $2,1M falling in 3 sets to 2nd seed/n°4 Kuznetsova in 3 sets.

TOP 20:
Daniela HANTUCHOVA n°12 (+6): We knew the "Girl from Ipanema" famous hit. Is Daniela "the girl from Indian Wells". 5 years after capturing her 1rst WTA title at Indian Wells, Daniela won her 2nd WTA title at...Indian Wells!! During this amazing fortnight, Daniela ousted 3rd seed/n°6 Hingis, 11th seed/n°16 Peer, 12th seed/n°17 Li and 2nd seed/n°4 Kuznetsova. this is definitevely a new Daniela this year who found back great confidence to hit her penatrated grounstrokes. She's now n°8 at the race.

TOP 50:
Sybille BAMMER n°30 (+16): see above

TOP 100:
Victoria AZARENKA n°66 (+10) and Alberta BRIANTI n°79 (+10): see above

TOP 150:
Yvonne MEUSBURGER n°110 (+17): big jump for Yvonne who reached the 2nd rd as qualifer at Indian Wells Tier I $2,1M upsetting 32nd seed/n°48 Vinci before losing to 3rd seed/n°6 Hingis. Austria is one of the most noisy little nation...with Bammer and Paszek and Yvonne who seems to be lifted by her compatriots results.

TOP 200:
Anne KEOTHAVONG n°155 (+6): Anne is up 5 spots this week after reaching the 2nd rd of the qualies at Indian Wells $2,1M after a good victory ovre promising french 15th seed/n°117 Fedossova. Then she lost to n°160 Meng (former Top 100 player).