View Full Version : Fannie Mae Scandal - Clinton appointees led the downfall

Dec 20th, 2006, 05:37 PM
The media yawns.

It is Enron-esque, and it took place with former Clinton
appointees, former Clinton insiders, even 9/11 Commission
personnel...and the news media just ignores it.

Slush funds.
Cheap accounting to bolster things on paper.
Big bonus payoffs.

Sounds familiar.

But, if key figures are Democratic appointees, Democratic Party
donors, and key DNC backers...it's generally ignored.

Raines, Gorelick at the top of the Clinton food chain.
The key figures are Raines, Gorelick, and Tim Howard
who took over in 1990, and did well initially. Until
those darn Clinton 90's.

Guess they got caught up in the fast cash, buy-sell,
Enron-esque 90's too..

The Clinton era. Result - billions lost, billions in question
when new people take over, and they can't square away
the magical accounting done for years.

I don't know if anyone will go to jail over this.
But, people lost money, and it's worthy of more coverage
than it is getting. Once again, a Democratic linked scandal
gets little to zero media attention.

Dec 20th, 2006, 05:42 PM
well, compare that to Bush's appointees' "achievements": almost 3000 American soldiers killed and more than 22,000 wounded. Do I need to mention a numbers of Iraqui civilians deaths? Do you even care?