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Dec 19th, 2006, 09:03 PM
European Football Competitions Game

This game is a prediction game about the champions in 15 european football competitions.
Your challenge is to predict the right champions as early as possible.
The competitions which are implemented in the game are:
England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Romania

How do you score points?
You can score points for predicting the right champion for a country. You can predict any time and change your picks as much as you like.
But you score one point for every match the champion has to play after your last pick for that country.
So if you choose Manchester United for England today, and you don't change it anymore during the season you will score:
38 (total number of matches) - 18 (number of matches played by Man Utd after today) = 20 points.
If your last pick for a country is a wrong one you will loose one point for every place the team is placed below the first place. So if you choose Man Utd and they end up third you wel get -2 points.
If you predict during a game of a team your predicting will count as a prediction done after the match in progress.

Example: Player A picks:
Country||Team||Number of games played atm of the last pick||Points if correct:

England|| Chelsea|| 25|| 13
Spain|| Sevilla|| 20|| 18
France|| Olympic Lyonnais|| 18|| 20
Germany|| Bayern Munich|| 16|| 18
Italy|| Internationale|| 18|| 20
Netherlands|| Ajax|| 30|| 4
Belgium|| Anderlecht|| 28|| 6
Greece|| A.E.K.|| 26|| 4
Austria|| Austria Wien|| 20|| 16
Poland|| Wisla Krakow|| 18|| 12
Czech Republic|| Sparta Praha|| 25|| 5
Switzerland|| FC Basel|| 20|| 16
Portugal|| Sporting Lisboa|| 29|| 1
Turkey|| Fenerbahce|| 32|| 2
Romania|| Rapid Bucaresti|| 33|| 1

Total points: 156 if all picks are correct

I know some competitions are already in an advanced stadium, but this is actually a sort of try-out, and if it works out we can do it next season during the whole season, which could give more spectacular outcomes.

I'm pretty sure I forgot some things to tell, so if something isn't clear to you, or you just have a question just ask.

If you want to play you can start picking! :bounce:

Hopefully you will enjoy the game and it will work out nicely.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for your attention if not ;)