View Full Version : French troops raped in Rwanda - Kofi's watch

Dec 13th, 2006, 03:57 PM
Kofi Annan was chief of UN peacekeeping forces during the
Rwanda Genocide...and he reduced troop levels while the
murdering was going on, and helped the genocide worsen.

Now, in another investigation, Rwanda women say they were
raped by French troops (who were there as part of the UN
peacekeeping team). Others were reported to have watched
women being raped, and did nothing to stop it.

The silence from the world is typical.
American isolated incidents of abuse are front page news
all over the world, CNN headline news, movies are made out
of them...but, this? Never mind. No bother. It was the UN,
they were trying to help, I'm sure it was just a rare event.

No, it's not, this happens regularly ... as the people of Liberia,
Bosnia, Kosovo, African nations, etc.

OK, so as Kofi bashes Bush for doing too much, doing it all wrong,
and smacking the USA for everything - as he leaves the office
he was given...can we remember the brilliant work Kofi has not

North Korea nukes.
Iran nukes.
African starvation and AIDS - it's pretty bad if Bush has done a
better job than the UN has in general, putting billions more into
those programs to help than any other President.
Failure to assist in Afghanistan and Iraq in the numbers the UN
should be helping in many regions based on pure anti-American

Not to mention his food for oil scam, the payoffs of the Security Council
w/Iraq helping Saddam bypass the supposedly effective inspectors,
food for oil scam payoffs that helped old Kofi's son and other close
people to him, etc.

The UN has not done a great job under Kofi.
It is a body occupied largely by dictators, despots, and
communists who would rather silence free speech than
encourage it, who would rather impose religious fanatics on
the populations rather than allow religious freedom, etc.

Not to mention his appeals for taxing the internet and taxing
the world communities and give the money to the UN to do their
work. Right...that will work. Tax the US so the UN has more
money to help out Venezuela, China, North Korea, and Iran.....
that's a smart idea.

Dec 13th, 2006, 04:08 PM
it happens in every war