View Full Version : The official "About Me and You" Thread

Dec 13th, 2006, 03:07 AM
:lol: ;) :wavey:
This thread is made for the opportunity to meet someone here that you have something in common with.

It is also an opportunity to reflect on who you are! Just throw a paragraph in if you like.;)

I'll start anyhow.

I have just recently turned 30, and perhaps midlife crisis has come early to me?:lol: This thread may be a bad move....I don't care!! LOL

I am a manager at KFC however I have spent most of my life with Blockbuster as a manager. No promotion or pay rise in 10 years of service....do me a favour and go else where!

As a gay man I had to move from Albury "purely" because of work, my family are my best friends because I have known them for longer than anyone else.

I have an offer to publish my poetry in Canada, still stands, but any artist knows you can't create an audience if you are not inspired. I have however been working on my stage plays, live theatre is very underated!!!!!

I'm writing an absurdish play, inspired by "Ionesco"...won't divulge details ;) This is the internet!!

The other is trying to re-define Australian culture, it's an impossible thing to do and before I die I hope I nail it! Since Williamson no-one has come close. I was nominated for "Best Performance" in a Hannie Rayson play, she has come the closest, she also wrote Hotel Sorento.

Anyhow...just blab shit about youreself if you are willing.