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Dec 11th, 2006, 11:21 AM
Last night, in what I would call a moment of clarity, I envisioned the emergence of the following WTA article in late 2007.

October 23, 2007

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Sony Ericsson WTA Tour announces Plans for Z-YEC

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – The positive feedback to the idea of holding a "B-YEC" for players ranked between 11 and 26 at the end of the season that was developed in 2006 has encouraged the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Board to expand this concept. Today Tour CEO announced that there might be a third Year-End tournament under the working title "Z-YEC".

This event would feature eight players whose performances during the season have been "outstanding":

The four players holding the lowest Sony Ericsson WTA Tour ranking
The player with the worst win/loss-record of the season
The player with the most sets lost by the score of 0-6
The player who suffered the quickest loss of the season
Alexandra StevensonThe participation in the tournament is mandatory.
The winner receives a $250.000 prize. The seven other competitors are obliged to announce their instantaneous retirement from professional tennis.

"We believe that fans of women's tennis embrace the game in all its variety and on all levels of play. With three different Year-End tournaments we offer the full range of professional sport with all different kinds of fascinating players. Excitement and drama is guaranteed, especially in the latest addition, the Z-YEC with its unique all-or-nothing format," said Larry Scott.

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