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Nov 17th, 2006, 12:30 AM
Alexandra Stevenson, once a Wimbledon semifinalist, is trying to find success again on tour Tennis

By Jerry Magee
November 14, 2006

In Ashland, Ky., Alexandra Stevenson had to retire. She further had to retire at Troy, Ala., San Francisco and Houston. If the USTA keeps a record for consecutive retirements, Stevenson has to be threatening it.
Yet the San Diego woman, 25, refuses to surrender to the ache in her right shoulder that has blighted her opportunities to confirm the promise she demonstrated at 18 by gaining the women's singles semifinals at Wimbledon as a qualifier.

“She thinks she will be in the top 25,” said Samantha Stevenson, Alexandra's mother.

Whether the player's expectations are realistic can be debated. It has been seven years since she captivated Wimbledon with her power and her curtsies. On Dec. 15, she will be 26. Women's tennis is a game for the young, and Stevenson is back at a beginning professional's level, forced to act to improve her ranking by competing in satellite tournaments such as those in which she was unable to finish.

Her grit and willingness to continue to strive, however, cannot be questioned. She is among the entries for a $50,000 USTA Pro Circuit event at the Santaluz Club in North County beginning with singles qualifying Nov. 25.
“She has to do this,” Stevenson's mother said. “She needs matches to strengthen her shoulder.”

In September 2004, Alexandra submitted to surgery by Dr. James Andrews, a noted Birmingham, Ala., orthopedic surgeon, to repair a torn labrum in her right shoulder. Drew Brees had the same surgery. Months later, the former Chargers quarterback was active again and doing favorable things for the New Orleans Saints. Stevenson's recovery has been less swift. Her mother said her daughter's shoulder continues to fatigue.

While Alexandra Stevenson has been struggling physically, she and her mother also have been struggling against the tennis community. The WTA Tour grants injured players a “special ranking” that permits them to compete in a certain number of events on the ranking they possessed before their injuries. After one year from the time the player returns to competition, however, these “special rankings” lapse.

To Samantha Stevenson, by stripping Alexandra of her “special ranking” after one year, the tour was being “medically unfair.” Her condition requires a 24-month period of convalescence, the senior Stevenson contends. To press this point, the Stevensons sought an audience at the WTA Tour's headquarters in St. Petersburg, Fla., with Larry Scott, the tour's chairman and CEO.

Scott did not present himself at this meeting, the senior Stevenson said, and the family's petition was denied. Subsequently, according to Samantha Stevenson, the tour has agreed to extend a player's “special ranking” in certain circumstances, but it would not make this change retroactive.

At the close of 2002, Alexandra Stevenson was ranked No. 18. Her current ranking: No. 397. She likely would have to get through qualifying to make it into the main 32-player draw of the Santaluz event.

Holding the event at the Santaluz Club, where she teaches tennis, is Patricia Tarabini's means of satisfying an ambition to offer a tournament of her own. Tarabini, once a ranking doubles player on the tour, said her expectation is that five or six women ranked in the top 100 will compete.

The leading seed, Tarabini said, likely will be Ashley Harkleroad, a young Georgia woman who has been ranked as high as No. 39. Tarabini can choose one wild card and intends to award it to former USD player Emma Murphy. According to Tarabini, the USTA may bestow a wild card on Amber Liu, Stanford's two-time NCAA champion from La Mesa.
The event at the club at 8170 Caminito Santaluz East, to be known as the Santaluz Open, is open to the public without charge. An “opportunity” event, with the winner gaining a place in the tournament's qualifying, is scheduled Friday.

Nov 17th, 2006, 12:34 AM
Her life/career should be made into a LIFETIME MOVIE :worship: But what actresses could play Alex and her Mom :confused:

Nov 17th, 2006, 12:37 AM
They could do a movie about her mom, a sportswriter who had a baby fathered by a star basketball player, who was married.
And she raised her kid to be a pro athlete.

Nov 17th, 2006, 12:37 AM
J.Lo would obviously play Alex...

Nov 17th, 2006, 12:42 AM
I reckon Denzel Washington as the mom and that kid from The Sixth Sense as Alex.

Nov 17th, 2006, 12:43 AM
I reckon Denzel Washington as the mom and that kid from The Sixth Sense as Alex.


Nov 17th, 2006, 01:02 AM
“She thinks she will be in the top 25,”

oh American Dreams :cool:

Nov 17th, 2006, 01:52 AM
oh American Dreams :cool:

Well..she is ranked inside the top 25 in the US :worship:

Nov 17th, 2006, 05:18 AM
C'mon Alex! :bowdown:

Nov 17th, 2006, 01:14 PM
:tape: I see a long, bitter, catfight awaiting these two women in therapy some day. and ROTF at Stevenson being the same age as Hingis. I always picture her as a whiny 18 year old, not a whiny 26 year old.

Nov 17th, 2006, 01:38 PM
oh dang....come back hard

Nov 25th, 2006, 02:52 PM
Hope to see some new Sexy Lexy pictures real soon. She pretty!

Nov 25th, 2006, 02:56 PM
Hope to see some new Sexy Lexy pictures real soon. She pretty!

Yes, thats true. I adore her very much :)

Nov 25th, 2006, 03:09 PM
Her life/career should be made into a LIFETIME MOVIE :worship: But what actresses could play Alex and her Mom :confused:

Her career isn't really movie worthy. It is basically her bitching about how she will win a slam one day and not even coming close.

Dokic's life should be made into a movie. Now THAT would be interesting.

Nov 25th, 2006, 07:00 PM
On Dec. 15, she will be 26. Women's tennis is a game for the young
Another unoriginal, ill informed sportswriter. Her age doesn't matter; she's still in her twenties. It would be different if she were 46, but she is still young enough to make a comeback. Hingis and AS are the same age, and 3/4 of the slams were won by women who are older than her, or 1 or 2 years younger.

However her work ethic, and lack of ability, and talent will definitely hold her back.:help:

Nov 25th, 2006, 07:15 PM
She never comes back to Top-25 I think. Maybe Top-100.

Nov 25th, 2006, 07:54 PM
sucha drama queen I loved it when she talked crap about hingis then hingis went out and beat her ass ;)

Nov 26th, 2006, 12:18 AM
I've heard of Larry Scott, but the others... :confused: :rolleyes:

Nov 26th, 2006, 12:41 AM
I've heard of Larry Scott, but the others... :confused: :rolleyes: