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Nov 14th, 2006, 08:03 PM
So, I got to go to Madrid and see the semis and the final. I was so hungover on the saturday but it didn't stop me from getting up, albeit still very pissed! We only arrived in Madrid on the friday, and so with getting to our accommodation and then having a night out on the tiles, then getting up to go to the tennis we hadn't seen any of the city by the end of the first days tennis. So, we get of the underground at Lago station thinking shit we are gonna have to walk ages to find this bloody place, but no as we come out of the station there is a sign that says madrid arena tennis to the right. And it was literally just there. It was such a lovely day, the best November weather I had ever experienced. Anyway, totally started getting excited when I saw the big posters and pictures of the players all fist pumping outside the arena. I was like wow I soooooo am gonna wet myself, but that was only because I was still a bit pissed, but then I was like now I think I'm really gonna wet myself with the excitement. I was so hungry at this point, but as we walked in through the crowd where the loud music was playing I saw on the tv that henin and sharapova had started and I was like nooooooooo but henin was 3-0 up so I was like yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.So we make our way over to the arena and I could hear the crowd and it was like christmas knowing or at least thinking santa is downstairs, but here knowing that the players are actually on the other side of this thing. Anyway we got lovely bread and ham baguettes and water coz I'm totally dehydrated at this point, and try to find our seats (I'm like feck it lets just watch the tennis lets sit here who cares,nobodys sitting here) but my bf being the sensible one is like no lets find our own seats, and I'm like oh my god look its justine, oh my god theres maria, OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe it was real, having seen tennis on the tele for so many years I couldn't believe these people were really playing in front of me :)
To be honest I cant really remember much of the Maria Justine match, just that Justine was on form and Maria didn't seem herself. I remember thinking how the hell did Justine lose the Us open ,but then I remembered Maria served well that day, but then thinking why the hell did Justine not bring her game that day, and so on and so on. Maria looked really well, there were so many shouting her name. It was cute-and then I had a deja vu-some boys did that whole ooooooooohhhhwwoooooaahhh that you hear a lot at the french open which I think sounds so shit, and I was like keep quiet you sound so stupid. But then the match I will remember came on ok I'm bored now I'll finish in a bit...............

Nov 14th, 2006, 08:36 PM
its a great experience seeing them for real :)

Nov 14th, 2006, 10:32 PM
wow! talk a bout a stream of consciousness, you could make James Joyce jealous ;)