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Nov 13th, 2006, 08:46 PM
Top 200 stats
In red girls who are under 20

PEER Shahar -Israel -19 y.o -former best ranking:21 -NEW:20
STOSUR Samantha -Australia -23 y.o -former best ranking:30 -NEW:29
MULLER Martina -Germany -24 y.o -former best ranking:35 -NEW:34
POUTCHKOVA Olga -Russia -19 y.o -former best ranking:40 -NEW:38
JACKSON Jamea -USA -20 y.o -former best ranking:46 -NEW:45
REZAI Aravane -France -19 y.o -former best ranking:51 -NEW:49
BARDINA Vasilisa -Russia -18 y.o -former best ranking:77 -NEW:74
PIN Camille -France -25 y.o -former best ranking:77 -NEW:76
WOZNIAK Aleksandra -Canada -19 y.o -former best ranking:103 -NEW:91
AZARENKA Victoria -Belarussia -17 y.o -former best ranking:97 -NEW:92
ROLLE Ahsha -USA -21 y.o -former best ranking:131 -NEW:129
CRAVERO Jorgelina -Argentina -24 y.o -former best ranking:152 -NEW:136
ERAKOVIC Marina -New Zealand -18 y.o -former best ranking:167 -NEW:160
CHUANG Chia Jung -Taipei -21 y.o -former best ranking:185 -NEW:177

My comments:

Aleksandra WOZNIAK: Aleksandra won her 3rd ITF title of the year at Pittsburgh $75K where she ousted 8th seed/n85 Harkleroad, 3rd seed/n40 Poutchkova and 5th seed/n75 Granville en route! She's breaking the Top 100 for the 1rst time and should finish the year belonging to that club!

Victoria AZARENKA: Victoria is back in the Top 100 and performed her ever best ranking. Last week , she was runner up at Pittsburgh $75K ousting 6th seed/n79 Pratt en route before retiring vs talented n115 Wozniak.

Jorgelina CRAVERO: What a fall form for Jorgelina!! She won her 3rd consecutive ITF title at Santa Cruz $25K after an inredible final vs Top seed/n116 Sromova in 3 sets.

Marina ERAKOVIC: Marina is rising steadily in the world ranking. Last week, she reached her 2nd consecutive QF at shengzhen $50K falling to surprising semi finalist n273 Sheng Nan Sun.

Chia Jung CHUANG: Chia Jung is up 8 places after reaching the final at Sutama $25K mosing to compatriot n147 Hsieh.

FASTER MOVEMENTS IN THE TOP 10, 20, 50, 100, 150 and 200

TOP 10:
Justine HENIN HARDENNE:n1 (+2) Justine is back to the lead of the world ranking after winning the Year Ending Championships at Madrid. Jusinte only lost a match in the round robin vs n1 Mauresmo before getting her revnege in final against the same player. Before she ousted n2 Sharapova in semi final.

TOP 20:
Anna Lena GROENEFELD n19 (+1) and Shahar PEER n20 (+1): Both of them benefited from Davenport slump.

TOP 50:
Meghann SHAUGHNESSY n39 (+2), Olga POUTCHKOVA n38 (+2) and Aravane REZAI n49 (+2): Only Olga played last week reaching the QF at Pittsburgh $75K. She lost to talented canadian and eventual winner n115 Wozniak in 3 sets.

TOP 100:
Aleksandra WOZNIAK n91 (+24): see above.

TOP 150:
Abigail SPEARS n143 (+21): That former n66 in the world (2005) is back to the Top 150 after reaching the semi final at Pittsburgh $75K. Abigail lost 19 times in a row between may 2006 and January 2006! In 2006, she started to get back a little bit of confidence.

TOP 200:
Greta ARN n186 (+14): Greta in anither former Top 100 player (n81 in 2002). she's up 14 pklaces this week after making the QF at Pittsburgh $75K ousting n111 Gallovts en route before losing to 5th seed/n75 Granville.

As usual wating ofr your comments and I hope you'll enjoy reading that thread!;) :bounce:

Nov 13th, 2006, 09:31 PM
Way to go Aleks!

Nov 13th, 2006, 10:14 PM
Good job.
Go Aleks!

Nov 13th, 2006, 10:16 PM
Wozi and Abigail :worship: