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Nov 13th, 2006, 08:30 PM
hi read this ....already 3y old but ....

Names: Justine Henin-hardenne and Kim Clijsters

Ranks: #1 and #2 in the world, respectively.

Why: Because they're tougher than fucking tanks, that's why. You would be too if you came from a country that had to put up with the French and the Germans for untold millenia. I saw Henin-hardenne drop her racket in a river of molten lava once, and then she went and retrieved it. Absolute craziness. I always thought that if anyone was going to dethrone the Williams' sisters stranglehold on the WTA, it would have to be someone tougher than a teflon coat encased in brick surrounded by lead protected by a force field made of diamond. These girls are tough. Like energizer bunnies, they are capable of playing forever, sometimes dragging matches deep into third sets and into four hours, to come out on top. Henin-hardenne won the US Open last year without any legs (both were destroyed in her semi-final match with Capriati, and she still won), and Clijsters does the splits when she smashes forehand winners--something you have to see to believe. Seriously, it's like ninja kung-fu grip action, that's how cool it is.
Hittability: Henin-hardenne has got that tall and lankey thing going on, and Clijsters...jesus, just look at her. Too bad she's engaged to one-hit wonder Aussie tennis badboy Leyten Hewitt.
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