View Full Version : Dems Lead - Gridlock ahead- stock market happy w/that

Nov 9th, 2006, 04:36 PM
The stock market, yet again under Bush....had a record ending


Largely, they anticipate gridlock....a Democratic majority, that
can have matters stalled or slowed down by a GOP minority....and
a veto from the Presidennt.

Personally, when the Congress can't pass much, I'm happy w/that.

When the Dems start pushing their real agenda across the board,
and it effects taxes and corporations and homeownership ability,
and interest rates, watch the stock market then....

Amnesty will pass.
Bigger educaiton dept. funding will pass.
Bush likes both those things...and he wants things to
cling to that they can agree on...even if his own party
dislikes it.

The large left wing platform the real Democratic leaders have in
mind (not the one they sold on the campaign trail), will only
energize the disenchanted GOP base for 2008....

The only reason the races got close in the end, was the fact the
GOP finally realized Nancy Pelosi and Murtha and Reid were going to
be in charge for real. Too bad they didn't wake up earlier to see that.

But, GOP voters do that....we'll show you! We vote for Ross Perot
two times, and help elect Bill Clinton......we'll show you! many voted
for the Libertarian candidates in Montana and Virginia, more than enough
to swing the election to the Democrats in two tight races.