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Nov 1st, 2006, 04:18 PM
Wow! What a two days!! As you know, Maureen is my favorite player, and when I found out she was in Quebec City I was so excited! I didn't think she would be here because she was not on the entry list for Singles. I was hoping she would come and play Doubles but honestly I didn't think it would happen. Then I was at The Tournament on Saturday and Sunday and she was not there so I assumed she wasn't there.
Then Monday came around!!! I was hanging out with CD(Charlda) and he casually says oh by the way Maureen just held the door open for me. I was like What? You're joking? He was like no she's back there. I almost started crying I think, lol.
Then she appeared and I kind of freaked out and got shy but went up and asked for an autograph and talked to her for a while. I was too nervous to think of the things I wanted to ask her and tell her but was still happy to chat with her. She was very pleasant.
Then Tuesday came along, and I wasn't going to go to The Tournament that day but I saw she and Aleks were to play Doubles so I was like I'm going!!!Plus I told her the day before I would be there cheering for her.
What a match it was. It was exhilerating, agonising, exciting, stressful, it was a pure joy. It was back and forth the whole way, each game was very long. Maureen and Aleks were actually up 6-5, 40-15 in the first set but couldn't close it out. They then won 6-3 in the second, and the 3rd set was a classic, both teams had game points in every game, so many deuces. Mo and Aleks fought to 4-4 and were up 0-30 on Jidkovas serve but couldn't take it. They ended up losing the set 7-5. The match lasted more than 3 hours. It was incredible. The stands were packed on court 1. More people than I had ever seen on that court it was great.
Just wanted to share that as it was such an exciting match and moment for me!!

Nov 1st, 2006, 04:22 PM
That's awesome! Did she talk about her future?

Nov 1st, 2006, 07:15 PM
Yup I think I saw a few tears in your eyes at that moment :lol:

Nov 2nd, 2006, 09:33 AM
i hope maureen plays for one more year :)

Nov 2nd, 2006, 09:34 AM

many thanx for the report !!!!!!!!!!!1

Nov 2nd, 2006, 11:10 AM
Thanks for the report. :D

Mo rocks, I saw her this year in Portoroz. :)