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Oct 27th, 2006, 07:45 AM
Hi guys,

We are going to transmit to Mary Pierce as many support messages as possible, in order to show her she is not alone in such a moment. She will have it, be assured of that. So please, tell her what you want to say. Thanks in advance. That's not only our champion we have to comfort, but also a great great lady! So please, members of the forum, show her we're all here!!!!
Mary has recently been elected your favorite player, so come on, let's show her in such a painful moment!

Oct 27th, 2006, 08:02 AM
Good idea. I might wait and put some thought into it before I post mine. I want to know how bad the injury is before I post it.

Oct 27th, 2006, 08:10 AM
Good idea. I might wait and put some thought into it before I post mine. I want to know how bad the injury is before I post it.
yeah, i'll be doing the same. right now i'm all over the place, everytime i think about it, i can hear her scream and it gives me chills, but i will def. be writing one :)

Oct 27th, 2006, 08:18 AM
Mary :worship:

Oct 27th, 2006, 08:20 AM
Mary :worship:
Stefi! :wavey:

Oct 27th, 2006, 08:22 AM
:sad: Get well soon Mary :kiss: :wavey:

Oct 27th, 2006, 08:26 AM
Mary come back soon. The tour is not the same without you.
:worship: You are the diva of WTA.:worship:

Oct 27th, 2006, 08:31 AM
Mary :worship: :kiss:

Oct 27th, 2006, 08:52 AM
J'espere que vous vous restiez que vous resentez bien. Je suis TRES desole que vous vous blessez aujourd'hui, mais je sais que vous allez revenir plus fort. :wavey:

Oct 27th, 2006, 08:52 AM
Mary :worship: :kiss:

get well soon mary :worship:

:hearts: :hearts: Mary :hearts: :hearts:

Oct 27th, 2006, 09:03 AM
It hurts so much to see you that way. Wanna see U like last year again

Get well soon

Oct 27th, 2006, 09:13 AM
Get well soon Mary

Oct 27th, 2006, 09:28 AM
I admire you so much and I hope that u will find the strnght to carry on


Oct 27th, 2006, 09:45 AM
You have all my love and support! You've been through a lot and have always come back strong. You'll get through this too. You'll be in my prayers!

Oct 27th, 2006, 10:30 AM

It hurt so bad to see you lying there on the court yesterday. And knowing what you've already been through, I can't help thinking you do not deserve that much!
But you're a winner! you are a fighter, nothing will stop you from coming back and show us all! That's just another test sent by God. Nothing more!
So I wish you luck, courage and patience! See the support you have from all your fans!!! Doesn't it mean much to you!!!
You're an inspiration for all of us so Mary, I just wanna say :"See you!"


Oct 27th, 2006, 10:38 AM
Dear Mary,

I am totally shocked about what happened to you yesterday in the 2nd round match of Linz. It hurts so much to see you lying there on the floor screaming because of all the pain you are going through. Luckily, Vera realized the importance of the situation and ran over to you, putting some ice on the knee. It must be frustrating for you to have three match points and then something like that happens. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you on the court again. Mary you are a real fighter so please fight because I know that you can do it again like you showed us in 2005 where you were playing perfect tennis. It is not too late for you to return so please come back and do not retire.

Best wishes


Oct 27th, 2006, 10:41 AM
MARY.. we still believe in you!!! Take your time and get well soon! We will just be here waiting for you!!! GOD Bless you!

-->MD from the Philippines

Oct 27th, 2006, 11:05 AM
Mary, this shouldn't of happened 2 u but unfortunately it has. watching u screaming on the floor in agony like that was unbearable 2 watch but vera came over & assisted u along with many others that tryed 2 get u up 2 full strength. i hope u don't let it bother u too much & that u focus on getting healthy again. take your time & remember that u still have a wonderful tennis career ahead of u in the future. get well soon.

Oct 27th, 2006, 11:09 AM
Dear Mary-I am very sorry to hear about your injury. Just want to wish you the best possible recovery, luck and love, courage, and healing time!!!! Hope to see you out there again if you can and want..

Oct 27th, 2006, 11:12 AM
Dear Mary,
I was so devasted to here about what happened to you, Im just really upset. I hope and pray that you will be OK and that this is not the last we wil see you such a gracious, classy and endearing women. I wish you all the best in your recovery and Hope to see you back on court.

Love Andrew (Sydney, Australia)

Oct 27th, 2006, 11:14 AM
Dear Mary,

What happened to you in Linz shocked and devastated me and all of your fans around the world. It broke my heart to watch you screaming in pain, and all I wanted to do was comfort you and hug you. Please know that you're on my mind all the time now, and I hope the recovery process goes as quickly and successfully as possible. Knees are really difficult injuries to treat, but I know you'll get through it cause youve been through worse in your career and have come back stronger as a person and player every time. Should this be the last match of your career, please know that despite the fact that it didnt end on your own terms, you will still be remembered as an amazing French multi Grand Slam champion with the most devastating ball striking ability and forehand I've probably ever seen. That being said, I hope you will be able to come back and continue playing such fabulous tennis as a 30+ year old, but if you cant, I know you'll find happiness in your life doing something else, and you'll never be forgotten.

Much love,

David L. (Montreal, Canada)

Oct 27th, 2006, 11:17 AM
Mary, please know that you have the support of fans all over the world. I hope you have a speedy recovery and come back on the tour. It won't be the same without you. Get well soon.


Oct 27th, 2006, 11:18 AM
Dear Mary ,

I wish you a speedy recovery :kiss: I know you are a fighter and so I hope to see you back :D Get well soon :hug: :kiss:

Manuela from Germany

Oct 27th, 2006, 11:19 AM
As you know, God has a plan ! So sorry to see you temporarily injured. Though I don't know you at all, what I can see on television and interviews, you are a a wonderful wonderful person.
Thank you for entertaining us for so long, and hopefully many years to come.
Mike from New Jersey, USA

Oct 27th, 2006, 11:25 AM
hi! i hope u will comeback to tennis mary, tennis fans need you!

best wishes..robert, sweden

Oct 27th, 2006, 12:08 PM
Mary, we already miss you right now. Please please come back. Don't give up!
Lots of success with everything! Nous t' aimons ;)
greetz, Broes, Belgium

Oct 27th, 2006, 12:10 PM
Mary, please get well :kiss: It was heartbreaking to see you in pain. We miss you already and hope you will come back when you recover :hug: Our thoughts are with you :smooch:

Leonard from Germany

Oct 27th, 2006, 01:11 PM
Get well Mary......make another comeback!!!!! We believe in you!!!:)

Randy ~ USA

Oct 27th, 2006, 01:16 PM
Dear Mary

You are the player that sparked my love in interest when I saw you play in the French Open 1994. In the last 12 or 13 years, I have held my breath and watched you go through the soaring highs and the painful lows. Yesterday the injury you suffered in Linz was certainly the lowest moment and it made me extremely sad. You simply don't deserve this after all the other injuries that you have already been through in your career. However, I trust that you are receiving the best possible treatment for this injury in France and see whatever silver lining there may be in the situation. You are an inspiration to me for your aggressive style in tennis but more for the positive attitude you exhibit toward life. I have seen you multiple times in action at Wimbledon and the US Open and hope that I will have the opportunity to do so once again soon.


Oct 27th, 2006, 01:25 PM
Dear Mary!

It was heartbreaking to see you in pain. Hopefully you'll come back! I know that you're a fighter!

All the Best,

Thomas from Austria

Oct 27th, 2006, 01:27 PM
Get well soon Mary.
I hope this isn't the end of your career in tennis cos we know how much you love it and we love watching you play.
The most important thing now is your health and wellbeing.
I've supported u for 10 years since I 1st started watching tennis and 1st saw u and will contiue supporting u whatever happens.

All my thoughts and wishes are with you.


Oct 27th, 2006, 01:27 PM
:sad: All the best for you Mary! :hug: :kiss:

Pink Princess
Oct 27th, 2006, 01:31 PM
My dear Mary,

I wish you a prompt recovery, you return to the tracks when you recover and let's be able enjoy this game that so much makes us vibrate besides his personal captivation, returns soon.

Mary:hearts: :kiss: :hearts:

Oct 27th, 2006, 01:34 PM
love ur hair mary.


Oct 27th, 2006, 01:42 PM
Allez Mary, rest, heal, relax, think deep, hard and long and decide what you want to do, whatever it is we will support you. May you have a fast and splendid recovery. All the best to you ;)

Oct 27th, 2006, 01:42 PM
Hold on Mary and get well soon!

Oct 27th, 2006, 01:47 PM

I was devestated to see what happened to you in Linz, and I wish you a speedy recovery. Whatever you decide, your fans will support you. I just want to thank you for all the memories over the years, and hope whatever you decide to do makes you happy and fulfilled.

Lots of Love

John C, Glasgow Scotland

Oct 27th, 2006, 02:28 PM
Dear Mary,

It was Heartbreaking to see you get injured. Your my favorite player and the one that got me into tennis. Please make a full recovery and come back strong! We all believe in you and know you can do it!


Oct 27th, 2006, 03:08 PM
Please do not let this discourage you. You have many great years left of tennis...I watched you in 2002 at The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort practicing and trying to get your career back on track, look how far you've come. Please don't give up. I wish you well in your path to recovery.


Oct 27th, 2006, 03:12 PM

I have watched you go through so many ups and downs in your career and have seen you fight back from the bottom because of your determination and heart. I have no doubt you can fight back from this unfortunate circumstance as well. Just know that you have millions of fans from all around the world and we will be supporting you know matter what happens. Thanks for all the memories up to this point.

Bonne chance,

Oct 27th, 2006, 03:17 PM
No one, even if I'm not her fan, would wish an injury like this on her :sad:
Best wishes and get well soon :)

Oct 27th, 2006, 03:18 PM
Get Well Soon, Mary!
Hope to see you in the 2007 season!!

the cat
Oct 27th, 2006, 03:21 PM
Best wishes to Mary with her recovery from a devastating knee injury. :hug: If it's right for her to try a comeback I hope she does. If not then she will likely someday be voted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island. :tennis: :)

Oct 27th, 2006, 03:31 PM
Tous mes voeux de prompt rétablissement même si pour cette blessure en particulier, la rapidité n'est pas forcement bon signe.

Je ne sais si tu auras le courage de revenir après une telle blessure mais quel que soit ton choix, je te souhaite beaucoup de courage et je te remercie de tout ce que tu as amené au tennis en général et au tennis Français en particulier.:worship:

Take care

Oct 27th, 2006, 03:33 PM
Mary your a legend:worship:Get well soon

Oct 27th, 2006, 04:04 PM
Get Well Soon, Mary!


Oct 27th, 2006, 04:17 PM
Dear Mary

You introduced me to tennis world more than ten years ago.
I'm just a fan who happens to check and update your news your whereabout everyday on internet.
I'm just a fan who like to play tennis because you makes it look so cool
I'm just a fan who skip class when you played Australian open final in 1997. and i was grounded for months.
I'm just a fan who tried to give out your match taped to everyone i know cause i want to show them how good u are.
I'm just a fan who scream like crazy when your dream came true in France2000.
I'm just a fan whose heart was broken everytime i hear about your injury or tough loss.
I'm just a fan who always have u in my prayer every night.
i'm just a fan who feel so sad and useless when i saw what was happening to you this morning at Linz
i 'm your fan long enough to know that you won't be discouraged by this.
you've been through it more than once, it's just another test from god.
now i'll be your fan for years to come.

forever your fan

Oct 27th, 2006, 04:24 PM
Get better soon Mary. You have been one of my favorites since i was a kid. Your one of a kind...full of class and style :kiss: :kiss:

Oct 27th, 2006, 04:33 PM
Dear Mary,

i've been a fan of you since 1993,
you are truly inspiring

i hope you get well soon :hug:

a big fan, George

Oct 27th, 2006, 04:36 PM
having seen the video of your injury,i am so sad,and i am now here,i will pray that you will come back after your entirely recovered.

Oct 27th, 2006, 04:49 PM
Fast recovery, Mary! And I hope you hang around even if it's career-ending (I hope not) maybe we could see you commentating or something after you're thru with tennis, be it tomorrow or the next 5 years!
Best wishes!

Oct 27th, 2006, 04:59 PM
Dear Mary,

Keep your head up high and stay strong, you can get through this! Even if this is the end, I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.

From Dan

Belmont Lad
Oct 27th, 2006, 05:02 PM
Wishing you a speedy recovery and all the best during this difficult time. Your spirit has seen you through so many trials, may it see you through this as well. :hug: :hug: :hug:

Oct 27th, 2006, 05:17 PM
Dear Mary:hearts:
I'm so sad about your injury. I saw it on TV. I miss you already. I like to watch your matches on TV. You are always so happy. Not sad to watch as many other players during matches. You make me happy, everytime I watch you playing.
Dear Mary, getter well soon. I think at you.

:kiss: from
your sincerely
Cecilia Andersson
Stockholm, Sweden

Oct 27th, 2006, 05:32 PM
Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Ms. Pierce. You're a class act and a great role model.

Oct 27th, 2006, 05:45 PM
Get well soon Mary :hug:

Oct 27th, 2006, 05:52 PM
Mary Pierce is the player that got me interested in women's tennis in the first place, and she has been my favorite player since day one. Even through all her injuries and layoffs, Mary has always been number one, never replaced, so I am confident that this injury will only make Mary stronger when she comes back onto tour next year. Get well soon, Mary, take care, and I hope to see you back on tour in full swing soon! :worship::hearts:

Oct 27th, 2006, 05:53 PM
Terrible injury: rest up Mary and get well soon. :hug: :hug:

Martian Jeza
Oct 27th, 2006, 05:53 PM
I'm not a fan of you but I wish you all the best : I know how it is being badly injured at the knee. I've since I'm a child persistent problems with my knees which are very unstable : at any time I can get a knee dislocation : I know how you felt yesterday : this is a terrible pain... I had to stop the sport I love : Football ( Soccer ) and many other sports I liked to practise at school, with friends, etc.
I also hope for you your carreer isn't ended and you gonna be back on the tennis courts but take your time to heal your knee injury...

Best regards.

Jeremie Mulnard : A die-hard Belgian Martina Hingis fan !

Oct 27th, 2006, 05:54 PM
Poor Mary. :sad:
Get well soon and come strong back.

Oct 27th, 2006, 06:03 PM
Hi guys,

We are going to transmit to Mary Pierce as many support messages as possible, in order to show her she is not alone in such a moment. She will have it, be assured of that. So please, tell her what you want to say. Thanks in advance. That's not only our champion we have to comfort, but also a great great lady! So please, members of the forum, show her we're all here!!!!
Mary has recently been elected your favorite player, so come on, let's show her in such a painful moment!

Through adversity comes strength... know that your fans around the world are lifting you up in prayer.
For every door that closes.... somewhere a window opens!
Hang in there.. be strong!

Maria Croft
Oct 27th, 2006, 06:04 PM
Hope you get well soon Mary :hug:

Oct 27th, 2006, 06:06 PM
you've always inspired me, now I hope you get well really soon, mary... :hug:

Oct 27th, 2006, 06:16 PM
Mary, you're a one of real personality. Only few players like you make tennis so attactive.
Get well soon!
Please :)

Oct 27th, 2006, 07:26 PM
Mary, je pense très très fort à toi en ce moment, j'espère que ton moral n'est pas trop bas, on est tous avec toi et tu le sais:) On t'attendras le temps qu'il faudra, ne t'inquiètes pas...
Je t'embrasse très fort (gros bisous sur ton genou!):kiss:
Léa (oui encore moi!lol)

Oct 27th, 2006, 08:31 PM
Hey Guys !

If you have been shocked about what happened to Mary, leave her a message on this topic and we will give it to her.

We have to be all together to show her that we are here in good like in bad times.


Oct 27th, 2006, 08:35 PM
I'm so sad for Mary who had worked so hard to come back (and it's not the first time). I hope she will play next year. I go on in french, if Mary reads that, it's easier for me.

Courage Mary, il te faudra être forte pour guérir complètement mais ça tu le sais déjà. En tout cas, sache qu'en plus de ton entourage proche, famille, amis....on est nombreux à te soutenir dont moi. T'es avec Vénus (et aussi Séréna) ma joueuse préférée et là t'étais en train de me redonner envie de suivre le circuit:) malheureusement, la malchance est arrivée. J'espère que tout va bien se passer pour toi et que donc tu guériras complètement et puis j'espère que tu reviendras sur le circuit au cours de l'année prochaine. Bisous Mary, je sais que t'es forte et que tu vas réussir.

Justine Fan
Oct 27th, 2006, 08:49 PM
Dear Mary

Firstly, at the time of reading these messages, I hope things are looking better for you and you are at least out of terrible pain!

As you know, God never closes one door without opening another. You are a positive person and positivity is what will get you through this ... you have so much talent that once you are fit and well again, I'm sure you will be back on the court blasting everyone away, but one step at a time (pardon the pun). Keep believing Mary, keep believing, that's what we do .... we believe ... in Mary Pierce.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Oct 27th, 2006, 08:59 PM
Get well soon Mary! You are a true inspiration!!!!

Oct 27th, 2006, 09:49 PM
allez mary !!!! on est tous avec toi, reviens nous vite !!!

Oct 27th, 2006, 09:53 PM
Get well soon Mary!
It's not over yet, I know it! Yesterday was so awful but I know you will come through it!

Oct 27th, 2006, 10:04 PM
So sorry to hear about your injury, Mary. :sad: You are such an important figure in the sport and I hope to see you back soon.

Oct 27th, 2006, 10:22 PM
I wish you a full and speedy recovery. Stay positive and remember all your fans are sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Take care and always keep your sense of humour; laughing's a great healer for the body and soul :yeah: :kiss:

Steffica Greles
Oct 27th, 2006, 10:23 PM
Good luck with your recovery, Mary.

Obviously it was horrible to watch, but we all know you as a woman of strong faith who believes that what is beyond your control was meant to be.

Give it your best go at coming back, but if for whatever reason it's not possible, you've had a marvellous career and brightened many people's lives in your own small way. Many of us grew up watching you. Awesome power, a beaming smile, clumsy feet (hehe) - that's the inimitable aura of Mary Pierce. And we love it.

Best of luck,


Oct 27th, 2006, 10:25 PM
Keep your chin up Mary. Been there myself. Have had 3 knee operations. After the first 2, was able to come back with 100% confidence to do rigorous sports such as tennis, squash, high impact aerobics, volleyball, racketball, downhill skiing, softball, soccer, basketball, 10K runs, etc. My skiing actually improved after the first operation due to all the physical therapy I did. If you want to, you can probably come back to competitive tennis after your surgery. Look at Daniilidou. Apparently she suffered an injury similar to yours. Good luck. Have enjoyed watching you play.

Oct 27th, 2006, 10:33 PM
Mary, you've had a great career. I hope you can resume it, but if you can't :sad: you can be very proud of what you've achieved. :)

Oct 27th, 2006, 11:35 PM
Get well soon and please do not give up. I have been your fan for 8 years and will continue to support you. Last year you give me a lot of inspiration and I have learned that it is not too late to start anything.

Please come back to the tour soon.

Oct 27th, 2006, 11:37 PM
I feel REALLY sorry for Mary... she had such a great 2005 and now she's on the ropes again... :(

Come back strong Mary! :)

Oct 28th, 2006, 12:04 AM
I'm so sorry to hear what happened yesterday. The rehab will be brutal, I'm sure, but I know you have the strength and determination to get through it.
My very best wishes to you for a full and speedy recovery, and I look forward to seeing you back on the court next year.
Bon chance, et courage!
Saph in SoCal

Oct 28th, 2006, 03:38 AM
Be positive Mary!! Wish you fast recovery!
Think about being healthy for after-tennis life too!That's the most important thing!


Oct 28th, 2006, 04:11 AM
Back soon honey! :angel:

Oct 28th, 2006, 04:14 AM
It was so heartbreaking when I watched the match :'(
But I know you're a fighter Mary, you've always staged brilliant comebacks from injuries and I believe you can still do it again.
Get well soon Mary!!!

Oct 28th, 2006, 04:40 AM
mary has always been so admired by everyone she seems like the last person to ever deserve this after all she has been through injury wise in her career. shes so amazing, and she needs to know that everyone is behind her 1000% because she probably is one of the most kind hearted people to ever play the game of tennis. shes truly a beautiful person inside and out, and she will return and be great!

Oct 28th, 2006, 05:32 AM
This was one of the sadested day of my life!
And i will wait for one of the happiest when you return Mary!
Love you so much man!

Oct 28th, 2006, 05:34 AM
I am so very very sorry for your injury. Guess some people just can't get a break. I will also really miss your tennis and personality in the upcoming months. You kind of seemed to grow on me. At first, I thought your on-court ticks were annoying and thus you weren't one of my faves. But when I saw your beautiful performance at the open last year, I was won over by that smile and the genuiness that you emanated. I didn't realize how much the game was missing without Mary Pierce when you were out most of 2006. Please stay strong and come back better than ever. Not everyone can play good tennis past 30. But I have no doubt that you of all can.

Best wishes,

Oct 28th, 2006, 05:50 AM
I'll just say look at this thread girl
Should make you happy to know that your WTA Worlds most favourite player

Oct 28th, 2006, 07:31 AM
Great messages.. I think I'll re do mine!

Oct 28th, 2006, 08:28 AM
continue with poster your messages of support please.
mary needs us

Oct 28th, 2006, 09:02 AM
Mary, you are a fighter. You'll come back and win. For sure...

Oct 28th, 2006, 10:01 AM
Get Well Soon Mary!! I know You Can Make It

Oct 28th, 2006, 12:00 PM
:hearts: Mary Love ya!
Stefi, I am almost done with my jpegs, will send them shortly... I hope I am not too late and you havent handed over the messages yet.

dav abu
Oct 28th, 2006, 12:39 PM
We are all behind you - get well soon x

Oct 28th, 2006, 01:00 PM
Come on guys, let's tell Mary we miss her, we support her.... :wavey:

Oct 28th, 2006, 01:12 PM
Supporting you, Mary, with get well wishes for a speedy 100% recovery. :hug:

Oct 28th, 2006, 01:20 PM
Mary, I wish you all the best! I'll really miss you on the tour - just when you were coming back :sad: I really hope you will come back! I want to see you play again. It's so unfortunate what happened! Please come back! Maybe and hopefully, the recovery will be sooner than expected.

Best wishes :hug:


Oct 28th, 2006, 01:30 PM

Without you, i would be the huge fan of tennis i am today. you are such an inspiration. what happened to you was really unfair, but im sure there is some kind of positive to gain from it, no matter how hard it may seem to find. i wish you all the best, and pray that you have a speedy recovery.
dont let anyone tell you what is best for you, just follow what your heart tells you to.

i will miss you so much and cant wait for your return. in my eyes, you will always deserve more than this.


Oct 28th, 2006, 02:47 PM
You are such an inspiration. I am sure you'll recover from this and will be back in full force. It broke my heart to see you in so much pain! I cant wait to see that precious smile back on your face!


Oct 28th, 2006, 03:37 PM
Come on Mary! we are all waiting for you!

Oct 28th, 2006, 04:13 PM
Get well soon, Mary!

Oct 28th, 2006, 04:18 PM
I hope you`ll get well soon. You`re such a fun player to watch. I like to see your matches because there are always some extraordinary shots+your smile...
..and then my smile when I see it on TV.
Get back to courts soon! :yeah:
I hope you won`t be forced to retire...tennis still needs you ;)

Oct 28th, 2006, 06:37 PM
I like to see your matches because there are always some extraordinary shots+your smile...
..and then my smile when I see it on TV.

That was sweet!

Oct 28th, 2006, 06:49 PM
Mary, seeing you getting injured really broke my, all our hearts...
You're one wonderful player, amazing both on court and to your fans.
I'm sure you'll get well soon, you've always been such a fighter.
Know that we'll always be there to support you.
Take care and rest

Scots Kim Fan
Oct 28th, 2006, 08:11 PM
I couldn't face watching the injury so can anyone fill me in on what happened and has there been anything released from Mary's camp saying what the likely rehabilitation time will be?

Oct 28th, 2006, 08:30 PM
I couldn't face watching the injury so can anyone fill me in on what happened and has there been anything released from Mary's camp saying what the likely rehabilitation time will be?

hi nichola :wavey:

look here and you will find all the info we know so far :)


Scots Kim Fan
Oct 28th, 2006, 08:54 PM
hi nichola :wavey:

look here and you will find all the info we know so far :)


Thanks Paul.

Oh dear, I don't want to be pessimistic but tearing her anterior cruciate ligament is really not good. They take months to heal. I will say no more except I wish her a healthy recovery. :hug:

Oct 28th, 2006, 09:16 PM
I will say no more except I wish her a healthy recovery. :hug:

You can drop her a short message too :p

Oct 28th, 2006, 09:30 PM
Get well soon Mary :hug:

auntie janie
Oct 28th, 2006, 10:50 PM
Hi Mary! I'm so sorry you have to go through this. But I know you have the resources inside yourself to carry you through it all. I know you will continue to inspire us with your strength and grace both on and off the court, as you have for so many years. May your recovery be swift and smooth!

... janie, USA

Oct 28th, 2006, 11:23 PM
Hey Mary! I just want you to know that i'm one of your biggest fans and I LOVE watching you play. You are so enertaining to watch because of your on court presence and your style of game. You are truly unique with such a warm personality...that's why I love you so much. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you will comeback to play again. If you don't I would respect your decision, but you would be missed.


p.s. you're in my prayers.

Oct 29th, 2006, 01:38 AM
Mary we all love you

Oct 29th, 2006, 02:23 AM
Hi Mary: I hope you heal quickly, and make good use of this time for whatever you want to do besides tennis !! Best Wishes !! :wavey:

Oct 29th, 2006, 02:32 AM
Mary, I hope you recover very fast. Please don't lose the faith, because we believe in you. I hope that this injury makes your hunger for success grow even bigger than before. Most importantly, don't feel lonely or depressed. All of your fans worldwide are here for you. Hugs and kisses!

Oct 29th, 2006, 02:35 AM
This is so strangely odd. It feels like I'm reading someones private diary.

Stamp Paid
Oct 29th, 2006, 05:28 AM
Mary, youre the shit. Get well soon and have @ least 1 more amazing run.

Oct 29th, 2006, 09:00 AM
Mary, youre the shit.


Oct 29th, 2006, 12:40 PM
You've been through a lot of injuries before but somehow you managed to get back into good shape again and play. This one is tough, but you are TOUGHER than the situation you're in right now.

Your countless fans are hoping and praying for your speedy recovery.

Oct 29th, 2006, 01:49 PM
Bump! :p

Oct 29th, 2006, 06:49 PM
Thank you so much for all your support messages!

Mary got your message one hour ago and she was so glad to know that so many people were supporting her in this difficult moment!

Thank you and kisses from her!

Oct 29th, 2006, 08:06 PM
to see you live in linz was really a pleassure for me.. it is so sad that it has ended that way!! i hope you come will come back on the tour and be much more stronger!! get well soon mary!!! :worship: :worship:

Nov 18th, 2006, 06:20 PM
Hi Mary. Get well soon. I know you can come back stronger from this setback. See you next year.

Nov 18th, 2006, 06:28 PM
Mary = Legend

Re-affirm this status, and do as Sesil K says "kick but!"

Nov 18th, 2006, 07:13 PM
Mary you are an inspiration to all of us. Keep your head up and know that you have many people praying for you. Get well soon.

Nov 18th, 2006, 09:17 PM
Thank you so much for all your support messages!

Mary got your message one hour ago and she was so glad to know that so many people were supporting her in this difficult moment!

Thank you and kisses from her!
How did she get them? And how do you know she got them? I'm quite curious.