View Full Version : Sport betting offers: Do you spend money on that (and if yes how much)?

Oct 20th, 2006, 08:33 PM
I like sport betting offers. In Germany we´ve got "Oddset" which belongs to "Lotto". Oddset originally was invented in Great Britain, as you probably know. You can bet between 3 and 500 € per single bet on several events - mainly soccer offers. :rolleyes:

I bet for between 6 and 14 € per week and rather stay at home at the weekend than quit the betting. Do you call me an addict and should I let it be. Consider that I´ve not won anything since close to 14 months and spent exactly 372,5 € in that time. That means 6,3 € weekly. Give me an advice... :help:

Do you bet and what is your oppinion? :shrug: