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Oct 6th, 2006, 10:38 PM
As noted in the Friday Report, the weather was a complete M3$$ on Saturday :tape::o Japan is notorious for it's rainy weather, but yesterday was insane. It was windy (~30 knots) and the rain started blowing horizontally. It was coming under my umbrella and making me all wet :crying2: So I took a taxi and off I went :) By the time I got there, all the matches I wanted to see were already over :( Robredo was taking on Hyung Taik-Lee. It was a decent match. Lee kept a great composure during the match coupled with steady play. He did a great job of constructing points and adjusted well when Tommy increased the pace. Tommy on the other hand was a mess at times. Occasionally he was yell and toss his racquet. One time he threw it up really high and almost cloncked himself on the head. Silly Tommy :smash: They were neck and neck for the first set and I think Tommy fell apart in the tiebreak. Robredo was also stretching his back out a couple times, especially after hitting backhands. He came back and won the 2nd set by not going for broke as much, and hitting more backhands. He ran around so many backhands at first I nearly forgot he had a onehander :lol: His backhand looks kinda awkward too.......:tape: Robredo really wips around on that backhand. Lee's form was great! The 3rd set.....let's just say that the play matches the score, 6-1 Lee :tape:

Next was the Sugiyama/Chan match :bounce: The crowd and myself were really pumped to see some Ai action, but in the end Chan came through well. Watching the rallies, I initially thought Ai had this one in the bag. Ai's movement was superb in scrambling to all her shots and she even threw in a couple aces. Also her groundstrokes had a bit more zip than Chan's. Yuan's strokes seems a bit soft and she even tossed up a comple moonballs to stay in the rallies :tape: :angel: But here's the good thing about Chan. When she saw her opportunity, she cranked it up and laid on the pressure. That's something Vania didn't do well. Whereas Vania was in the go-for-broke mode for prolonged periods, Chan came in at just the right time. There were a couple let downs when it came to Ai. Several times she came to net and junked the volley and of course...the serve :o It let her down a lot. At one point she faulted and shouted, "COME ON!" It was so cute because she sounded exactly like Gotenks in Dragon ball Z :haha: I say that, but she was all but laughing at that point. Ai even tossed in a DF at a critical point of the match :sad:

In the 2nd set, Chan broke early and was up 2-0 I think when Ai started making a comeback. That's when Chan took a medical timeout which didn't phase Ai. On the next point, Ai launched an ace and really looked to turn things around :bounce: It looked like Chan's time to find her rhythmn and pick up the pieces; which is exactly what she did. Chan made her comeback and at one point had Ai bang her racquet on the court 3 times :eek: I didn't know Ai was a banger!! Welcome to the club babe :wavey::kiss: Chan closed out the match rather without anything major and we were all sad to see Ai go :tears:

The final match I saw was the Nieminen/some other dude match. Jarkko was stellar :eek::bounce: Such depth on the groundstrokes. Such power on the serve. Jarkko was so good in the first set. He hit so many powerful shots that had us ooooing and ahhhhing :kiss: And that's when I had to open my big mouth again :tape: I shout'ed, "C'mon Jarkkoooo" while he was up in the 2nd set......and he started losing :crying2: He lost that game.....that set......and I'd later learn....the match :bigcry: Why?!!! Every player I cheer for loses :crying2: I'm sorry Jarkko :tears: Gomen nasai babe :o Yeah, I got up and left after the 2nd set because it was also getting kinda late and I didn't want to miss my train(s) and didn't get home until 11:30 pm :eek: I had fun yesterday though. I found a stand where they sell red wine at the Coliseum and I was reasonably buzzed during the Sugiyama match :drink::wazzup: I LURVES MY RED WINE!!! :bounce: Cheers :drink:

Oct 6th, 2006, 11:13 PM
Pix uploaded :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:



Oct 7th, 2006, 01:41 AM
Ai was throwing her racquet? She seemed unusually angry after this loss...she really shouldn't lose ot the likes of Chan but oh well.

Oct 7th, 2006, 02:23 PM
Do you know anyting more about Paola Suarez' injury? Did you see her training or anything? It was kind of a sudden exit like this. Nothing special happend during her match against the japanese player and then the next day she withdraws from both singles and doubles...... :sad:

I am so very sad because I bought tickets to go to madrid especialy to see her and vivi play.

Oct 7th, 2006, 05:02 PM
I have no idea darling :sad: With all the rain I actually do know where they held these women's matches. Only the Coliseum has a retractable roof. That's part of the reason why I decided to go Friday; to where these matches were being held :shrug: They held them somewhere :o