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Jun 11th, 2002, 05:29 AM
I've been running this poll on my site for a while, and I think the results are interesting.

obviously, most of the visitors are Justine fans and are biased, but also, they know Justine's game better than most of other tennis fans. In average, a visitor to my site has probably seen Justine more, or more in detail than other players.

If I was asking who the best player is, or who has the best backhand, or who will win the next tournament the results of course would be biased and not worth mention.

But in this case, it was a question that I think a fan can answer objectively, because it doesn't imply to judge Justine in relation to other players but rather to evaluate an aspect of her game.

Well, said that, to the poll :angel:

The question was: What kind of player is Justine:

I've got so far 386 votes (note, they can't vote twice)

Power player: 12 votes - 3 %
Power player with some finesse: 28 votes - 7 %
Finesse player: 52 votes - 13%
Equally finesse and power player: 97 votes - 25%
Finesse player with some power: 197 votes - 51%

I can't say that's correct, it's just the fans' opinion, I can't also say that it represents what Justine's fans think as for sure ;) only a small percentage of them visits my site (and I hope she has more than 386 fans :)), but I still think it's interesting.

BTW, I agree with the majority.