View Full Version : Biggest Tier 2's And Tier 3's

Jun 10th, 2002, 07:34 PM
We all know that Miami and Indian Wells are the biggest tier 1's. When I say biggest, I mean biggest draw size (96 + 32 byes). So which are the biggest tier 2's and tier 3's?

The biggest tier 2's are:

Amelia Island (56 + 8 byes)
San Diego (48 + 16 byes)
Los Angeles (48 + 16 byes)

The biggest tier 3's are:

Birmingham (56 + 8 byes)


Birmingham (DFS Classic) is a bit of an anomaly. The total purse size is only $170,000. If you don't get a bye then you have to win 6 matches just to win the title. I can't imagine the winner's prize is all that much considering the purse size.

So why don't they upgrade this tourney to a tier 2 and increase the prize money or why don't they just decrease the draw size? The answer may be that lots of players want to prepare for Wimbledon so the bigger draw size allows more players to enter this tourney. They don't really need to increase the prize money neither because players will play regardless just to get prepared for Wimbledon.