View Full Version : Venus and Serena Ensured to Take Over

Jun 10th, 2002, 07:34 PM
Venus and Serena are extremely smart. They got sick and tired of people talking about how they need to play more tournies. What do they do? The play more. Now they are ranked the top to players in the world. But hey thats just with the computer rankings. They were already consisdered the best. Looking at the cheap ranking situation. Venus and Serena now have the opportunity (especially serena) to take over the top spots for a long time. Venus and Serena have the least amount of tournies played in the top ten players that are active. Venus with 14 and Serena only has 12 tournies on her list and she is number 2! Lindsay and Martina have the least with 11 adn 13, but respectfully they are out w/ injuries. By adding a few more tournies here and there. Venus and Serena have the chance to stay at the top and swap back and forth between the computer rankings. But they only problem really is Venus. She is going to have to keep her level of play up. But hey I have not doubt in my mind for her. Last year she showed me that she can defend all her titles, well most of them, and since she did that. The only person that is capapble of stopping Venus on a off day is her lil Sis Serena! The rest of the tour better watch out!