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Sep 28th, 2006, 10:25 AM
It's a local tabloid :o Some of the questions are :eek: :rolleyes: but it's fun ;)

JJ : I've never hated any tennis player. I'm not that kind of girl. Ana and I never argued nor did we have any fights. We don't hang out but we also don't hate each other. Maybe she's a bit jealous, but she's not a rival to me. I'm going my own road and I'm trying to concentrate on my own game. I don't know why people often compare me and Ana. They should be happy and proud that we have 2 good tennis players.
Q: Why do you think she is jealous, she's ahead of you in the rankings?
JJ : I don't know, but she often looks at me in a strange way. I don't know how to describe it. Other people told me too, they also noticed her looks. I don't notice (observe???) her, I'm going my own road and I have different friends that I spend my spare time with. That's it.
Q: But you're just behind her in the rankings. You're her main opponent.
JJ: There is a place for everybody in the rankings. I wish her the best of luck. I wouldn't mind if she was #1 and I was at #2. There shouldn't be any rivalry. People are always making some stupid comparisons.
Q: Do you talk with her when you see her?
JJ: We say hello to each other and maybe have few words. I don't know her very well and we have different personalities. She's a bit shy; I don't know her well enough so I can't tell you more about her.
Q: So you mean you couldn't be friends with her?
JJ: I don't think you can find a true friend in the tennis world. Everyone is just heving problems of their own, it's hard to accommodate to all these things.
Q: But what happened in that NY restourant? I heard there was some kind of an arguement?
JJ: The journalists made up the story. We didn't have any fights.
Q: You say there are no real friends on the tour, but Amelie Mauresmo offered her physio therapist to you before the sf match?
JJ: I don't know why she did that, maybe she likes me?! Just kidding... I'm very grateful for that. If she hadn't done that maybe I wouldn't even play the match with Justine. I can't find a way to repay her. I don't think any other tennis player would have done the same thing.
Q: Maybe she really likes you? The whole world knows she is gay?
JJ: I wouldn't like that.
Q: Why, she's not your type?
JJ: I'm not that kind of girl. I have a boyfriend; everyone has a choice and mine is Nemanja.
Q: Did she ever make a move?
JJ: No, although she was just a few locker rooms away from me. She's really nice, she's never done anything similar.
Q: She didn't even nip (pinch) your butt? :eek: :eek: :eek:
JJ: No.
Q: Maybe some other lesbian?
JJ: No, no, but I take care. I don't want anyone to watch at me when I'm having a shower. I always have my towel with me whereas some girls like to walk naked in their locker rooms. :tape:
Q: Who are these girls? Maybe Ana?
JJ: I really can't remember.
Q: There is a rumour that, until you met Nemanja, you were always with another guy?
JJ: No, that's not true. I don't like that.
Q: Maybe one night stands?
JJ: No, never. I'm not like other girls. I'm already 10 months in a relationship and I don't need occasional... I'm a bit conservative, maybe it takes a while to like me.
Q: Where did you meet Nemanja?
JJ: In Belgrade. I don't want to talk how it all started. That's a our own story and I would like to keep it to myself.
Q: You've taken him to NY for the US Open?
JJ: I didn't take him. He came on his own. He's finishing his 4th year of studying in Boston and as soon as he finishes, he'll be back in Belgrade. He came to America a bit earlier because of me. It ment very much to me. Unfortunately we don't spend enough time together, I'm always on the road.
Q: Are you sure he's faithful?
JJ: I think so. I've never cheated on him. If you love some person, you don't do these kind of things. But maybe he'll even do it and I won't find out...
Q: There is a rumour that you don't talk to your father because he doesn't approve your relationship with Nemanja?
JJ: That's not true. My dad doesn't have anything against Nemanja. It's up to me to decide who I will date. He accepted him because he's my choice.
Q: Why doesn't he travel with you?
JJ: He did, but now he just wants to get away from tennis. He's just too nervous when he's watching me play, especially when I'm not doing well.
Q: Some of your colleagues are laughing at you because your mother is always with you?
JJ: My mom is always with me. We're very bond and she is the person I trust the most. Friends are friends but my family will never let me down.
Q: How does Nemanja feel about that? Some guys don't like "mama's girls"?
JJ: It's not that I can't do without her, but also I'm not one of those girls who will do everything just to be with a guy. Nemanja doesn't mind and when he comes over, we're usually alone.
Q: So your mom lets you be alone with your boyfriend?
JJ: Well of course.
Q: But why does she go always with you?
JJ: I guess she wants to be sure that I'm ok, especially here in Belgrade. You can bump into a lot of strange people so I often need bodyguards too.
Q: Why?
JJ: These people are aggressive, they are coming on to me with some weird and boring comments. So I feel safer when someone's with me.
Q: Has anyone ever attacked you?
JJ: No.
Q: What about Andy Roddick?
JJ: No, of course not.
Q: Did he come on to you?
JJ: No, no. I haven't heard of that. Some other tennis players came on to me.
Q: Who?
JJ Well, now... It doesn't matter.
Q: It does matter.
JJ: It's silly, one even wrote me a poem.
Q: Who?
JJ: I can't tell. Btw it was sooo funny when I read it.
Q: Is it someone of our (Serbian) tennis players?
JJ: No, no.
Q: Has anyone ever tried to sneak into your room while you were abroad?
JJ: No, mom's always there so they can't come in. Just kidding.
Q: Many tennis players don't like to have sex before the match. What about you?
JJ: I don't want to talk about that. I'll keep it to myself. :o
Q: Why would you feel ashamed?
JJ: It's one of my secrets and I don't want to share it.
...bla, bla, bla...
Q: Some of the world media wrote about your relationship with Freddie Mitchell?
JJ: They asked me to write a blog and I said that, on one of my tournaments, my friend Freddie came. Soon enough he turned out to be my boyfriend, but he isn't.
Q: Is he some kind of an ex?
JJ: No, he's just my friend and he's black, I don't think I would date a black guy. The media even linked me with N' Sync singer Lance Bass. He's my friend but he's gay.
Q: How do you act with gay people? You said that you didn't like them?
JJ: It's not that I don't like them, it's just I could never be gay.
Q: I heard you met Sharon Stone?
JJ: Yeah, I met her in LA, she was watching my match with Serena. She's a perfectly normal person, she's great.
Q: Did she learn you to cross your legs like in the "Basic Instinct"? :eek:
JJ: She didn't show me and I didn't ask for. I would never use that so there's no need to learn. :sad:
Q: Are you planning to get married soon?
JJ: No, I'm still young. It never cross my mind. My career is the most important thing at the moment.
Q: So you'll get married when you end up your career?
JJ: It's too early to think about it.
Q: What if you end up pregnant? Maybe an abortion?
JJ: I don't know what I would do. Never thought about it.

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whoa...what a fun interview...ive never read interviews like that of tennis players...i didnt even know that theres beef between ivanovic and jankovic until now.

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Thanks for translating/typing this up.

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Thanks for translating/typing this up.
No worries ;)

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:lol: :lol: :lol: What a profesional interview :help: Does this guy call himself journalist? :rolleyes:

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omg :lol: I can't believe some of the questions that were asked :o