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Jun 9th, 2002, 09:31 PM
Currently posted on the WTA tour site:

1. VENUS ....... 5205
2. SERENA ...... 4926
3. Capriati .... 4131
4. Seles ....... 3744
5. Clijsters ... 3474
6. Davenport ... 3350
7. Henin ....... 3286
8. Dokic ....... 3004
9. Hingis ...... 2816
10. Testud ...... 2181
55. Kournikova :)

On to Wimbledon

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:32 PM
Kim :( C'mon Kimmie, regain your number 4 sport :)

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:32 PM
I think im gonna cry :sad: LOL

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:36 PM
I'm too upset to look at them :sad: :sad:

163 Krasnoroutskaya, Lina 195.00 :sad:

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:37 PM
YAY! Thanks Tee It's so awesome to see their names there. :bounce:

Congrats Venus & Serena

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:49 PM
History!!!!!!! :)
Thanks Tee Rexx. Richard is Dancing the Ms Cleo Dance ;)

Or did Richard say "It is all progressing according to my design."

Dawn Marie
Jun 9th, 2002, 09:50 PM

Alot of tennis lovers have been waiting a long time for this.:) History is made and it is nice to see, especially when it concerns your favorites. Although even if it were two other sisters I would still be happy that I lived through the moment.

Jippo McScally
Jun 9th, 2002, 10:34 PM

Jun 9th, 2002, 10:42 PM
Gumbycat - Unfortunately, Richard also said that SERENA was the better player of the two sisters and this could mean a lot of trouble for VENUS.

VENUS may now be limited to only 1 or 2 Grand Slams per year at this rate. :)

Serena y Monica
Jun 9th, 2002, 10:46 PM
Congrats to all the ladies in the top ten...esp. Serena Y Monica.

Jun 9th, 2002, 10:53 PM

Dawn Marie
Jun 9th, 2002, 11:00 PM
Also a huge congrats to Monica Seles who is now ranked #4.

Keep on climbing Monica as I would love to see you at #3. Waiting on Chanda to round this all out. I think Chanda can get high as #4 too. I have this Chanda will rise high in rank feeling.:)

Also I would not mind if Seles gets to #1 and moves back and forth with Venus and Serena.:)

Jun 10th, 2002, 12:37 AM
WOW, play consistent and it looks like Venus has locked up the #1 ranking. Just has to win one of the next two slams.

VS Fan
Jun 10th, 2002, 12:45 AM
UHHH... I think Venus had better win BOTH Wimby and US Open.

She was champ last year, remember?? Serena is only 300 points behind and will get 200 bonus points if she beats #1.

Jun 10th, 2002, 12:57 AM
I am just glad that I lived and watched tennis is the era of the Williams Sisters. This is truly a great time in tennis history, and like Chrissie said it probably will never happen again that 2 sisters would be tennis champions.

Go Team Williams

Jun 10th, 2002, 01:52 AM
EGGY, how do you know that Lina is so far down the rankings?
Where can I see a bigger list?

Jun 10th, 2002, 01:53 AM
Cassius - Go to the official WTA tour site.

Jun 10th, 2002, 01:57 AM
Is the official tour site:
www.sanexwta.com ?

Jun 10th, 2002, 02:26 AM
Yeah, go to 'Rankings' and then go to 'Printable Rankings'.

Williams Rulez
Jun 10th, 2002, 03:22 AM
Poor Lindsay... get yourself up there soon! I wanna see you at number 3 at least! :fiery:

Jun 10th, 2002, 04:50 AM
Monica! So glad to see you on top 4 again! Go girl! You can be better!

Jun 10th, 2002, 04:56 AM
Here are the rankings on the Sanex site:


Jun 10th, 2002, 01:57 PM
It's good to see Patty Schnyder back in the top 20 (#18).
Barbara Schett is going down in a big way (from #19-#33, ouch!).
Chanda Rubin's rockin' back up (#45-#36)
Mary won't have to rely on wild cards anymore (#132-#74).
Vera Zvonereva is up with a bullet (#142-90!).
Good to see 4 Asian players in the Top 100 (Sugiyama, Prakusya, Widjaja, Asagoe). :)

Jun 10th, 2002, 04:37 PM
Very nice to see Monica in top 4 again.That means easier draw at her only missing slam as well.;)
Where is Anna anyway?

Jun 10th, 2002, 04:58 PM
Congrarts to the 2 sisters, especially Serena, throughly well deserved.

Jun 10th, 2002, 05:18 PM
Originally posted by TheBoiledEgg
I'm too upset to look at them :sad: :sad:

163 Krasnoroutskaya, Lina 195.00 :sad:

OH NO!!!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: :sad: :sad: :sad: I hope you'll be able to play as soon as possible

# 5 Kim, no, you must be ranked higher!!!! Fight back girl!!!!

Jun 10th, 2002, 05:29 PM
C'mon Kim get back to #4

Jun 10th, 2002, 05:54 PM
Hingis could possibly end the year somewhere around 14 or 15 at the rate she is falling.
But she should be back in shape by Australian Open 2003 time.

Jun 10th, 2002, 07:08 PM
Congrats to both williams sisters!!
just think if they started playing MORE tournaments...

I'm glad to see Monica so far up there too!!

I can't get over HOW HIGH lindsay is after not playing for so long (part of last year and part of this year). Hingis is dropping like a stone and she was just in the Australian open final.

Go SANDRINE for being#10! that's fabulous too!

Jun 10th, 2002, 07:51 PM
Congratulations Venua and Serena! WOW! Monica is getting back up there!!!!!!!!!

Jun 11th, 2002, 12:17 AM
whew, I'm glad Lindsay is in there... !