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Jun 9th, 2002, 08:07 PM
Here are the nominees for the WTAworld.com Fans Player Of The Month Award For May. Before casting your vote, please read the following notes:

* Your vote should *ONLY* take into consideration matches/performances from May 1st to May 31.
* You can vote only once.
* Results will be hidden until after the poll closes in 7 days time. We will announce the winner shortly afterwards.

Quick lowdown on the nominees and notable performances

Kim Clijsters
(May 05) - Won the Betty Barclay Cup by beating world no. 1 Venus Williams 1-6, 6-3, 6-4.
(May 08) - Lost in second round of the German Open to Anna Smashnova 7-5, 4-6, 5-7.
(May 18) - Was a semifinalist at the Italian Open; beaten 7-5, 6-2 by Justine Henin.
(May 31) - Suffered shock third round exit at the French Open to Clarisa Fernandez of Argentina.

Justine Henin
(May 05) - Reached the quarterfinal of the Betty Barclay Cup; losing to Jelena Dokic 6-7, 6-7.
(May 12) - Won the German Open in Berlin with a thrilling 6-2, 1-6, 7-6 win over Serena Williams.
(May 19) - Was runner-up to Serena Williams at the Italian Open.
(May 28) - Exited French Open at the first round with a 6-4, 1-6, 0-6 loss to Aniko Kapros.

Serena Williams
(May 12) - Runner-up to Justine Henin at the German Open.
(May 19) - Beat Justine Henin 7-6, 6-4 to claim Italian Open title.
(May 30) - Advanced to third round of the French Open.

Vote now for the player you think is most deserving of the award!

Jun 9th, 2002, 08:30 PM
Serena, by a landslide!!

Jun 9th, 2002, 08:35 PM
hated it, but Serena..

Jun 9th, 2002, 08:38 PM
read it!!!!!!!!! we are talking about MAY only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly Justine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 9th, 2002, 08:38 PM
No doubt about it, Serena!

Jun 9th, 2002, 08:39 PM
Serena, for sure :D

Jun 9th, 2002, 08:40 PM

Jun 9th, 2002, 08:45 PM
Serena IMO :)

Jun 9th, 2002, 08:47 PM

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:11 PM
She isn't my favorite player but... Serena deserves it more than anyone right now!

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:21 PM
Of course SERENA! :bounce:

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:23 PM
Serena wins for sure.

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:24 PM

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:31 PM
Tough choice... I would of loved to have been able to vote for Kimmie but Serena deserves it more so I voted for her!

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:48 PM

Jun 9th, 2002, 09:56 PM
Since the French Open doesn't really count it's Justine of course.

If you take Roland Garros in account then it's Serena

Jun 9th, 2002, 10:20 PM
Serena for sure !!!!!!

Jun 9th, 2002, 10:29 PM
Hard 4 me 2 say.......but Serena:bounce:
Though Kim is still the queen!;)

Jun 9th, 2002, 10:56 PM
Serena who else. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

VS Fan
Jun 9th, 2002, 11:02 PM
I see the technical cut off of May 31, However, since we ALL know the result of Roland Garros, I suspect Serena will win this.

Abiding by the rules, I would say that Justine and Serena are a dead heat, having split two very close finals. It's too bad that Justine was sick and did not compete well in the rest of the tourney. There could have been an encore in the quarters.
Who knows, Justine might have played Venus in the final!.

This tourney was top loaded with only Venus, Monica ond Kim as serious conterders in the bottom half.

Jun 10th, 2002, 12:11 AM
SERENA WILLIAMS! i would love to vote for Justine Henin, but she didn't make it past the 1st round at Roland Garros. that gives the edge to Serena.

Jun 10th, 2002, 12:31 AM
Serena, no doubt... even excluding the French.

Jun 10th, 2002, 12:49 AM
Serena Williams - she made the finals and won a tournament on her WORST surface

Jun 10th, 2002, 02:42 AM
justine's results were so solid up til the french - which made it even more surprising that she lost in the first round. if she had done better i definitely would have voted for her, but like everyone's been saying, serena clearly had the better results:
F + W + 3R* (she was still in at the time). kim's results were very inconsistent - W + 2R + SF + 3R - and kinda threw her off my list.

lol - now i see why you were testing this amanda :D

Jun 10th, 2002, 03:30 AM
Not really a Williams fan but Serena has earned this one for sure!

Jun 10th, 2002, 04:46 AM
Serena :cool: :bounce:

Jun 10th, 2002, 05:13 AM

Jun 10th, 2002, 07:08 AM
Nonono, it's only from may and Serena played her best tennis in june...
So it's definately Kim!!!!;)

Jun 10th, 2002, 10:00 AM

Jun 10th, 2002, 10:27 AM
i think kim was the best. she won a tournament and beat Venus, and she also did well at roland garros compared with justine.

Mateo Mathieu
Jun 10th, 2002, 12:43 PM
Originally posted by Justinator
Since the French Open doesn't really count it's Justine of course.

If you take Roland Garros in account then it's Serena
I disagree :cool: Serena played amazing on worst surface and she won Rome and Roland Garros and made Final Berlin!! She deserve it more!! :D

Jun 10th, 2002, 01:46 PM
Kim :)

Jun 10th, 2002, 03:08 PM
Well by the end of may, justine had already lost in the first round, so that loss technically counts. So serena definitely wins

The Crow
Jun 10th, 2002, 04:31 PM
Since I'm objective :angel: it's Serena

Jun 10th, 2002, 06:47 PM
Serena Williams:wavey:

Jun 10th, 2002, 09:10 PM
Since I AM truly objective...My vote should count more! ;)

Kim: A nice win over Venus for Barclay title. A loss to Henin is not bad, but the early exits courtesy of Smashnova and Fernandez take her out of the running.

Justine: A fine win over Serena to take Berlin. Losing in late rounds to Serena and then Dokic is not too bad. Unfortunately, the (even tho she was ill) disasterous exit to Kapros gives her only runner-up status in my book.

Serena: Lost to Justine a heartbreak final, and but came back to beat her the next week in Rome for the title. Still on course for the RG crown (as we well know) as May faded, she gets my vote.

Jun 10th, 2002, 11:27 PM
Got to be my girl Rena :)

Jun 11th, 2002, 12:28 AM
justine and serena are tied for May (slight edge to Serena though), with Capriati third.

Jun 11th, 2002, 01:07 AM

Jun 11th, 2002, 05:24 AM
Go Serena!! :bounce: :bounce:

Jun 11th, 2002, 05:29 AM
It has to be Serena

Jun 11th, 2002, 10:22 AM
ditto alexis.
serena rocks!! hello? she's the RG CHAMP. nothing is better than that during that whole month.

Jun 11th, 2002, 10:29 AM
RG is not counted in May...it's june!!!!!!!!!

The Crow
Jun 11th, 2002, 10:47 AM
K, first week of Roland Garros was in may, and Amanda put it in the summary, so Justine's loss is counted...

Jun 11th, 2002, 11:17 AM
but Justine was ill!!!!!!!! pffff it's Justine for me :)

Jun 11th, 2002, 03:11 PM
SERENA by a mile!!!

Jun 12th, 2002, 07:04 AM
Maybe very...very close between Justine HENIN & serena WILLIAMS

I'll say 49:51 (Henin:Serena)

Jun 13th, 2002, 10:13 AM
Serena is the best of June, clearly :)

Jun 13th, 2002, 12:40 PM
Kim for me! :p

Jun 13th, 2002, 06:49 PM
Well, for May it is close, but with Justine going out of RG in May, and Serena having such a good clay court season onher worst surface, I'd say its serena.
but I admit, its close between her and Justine...

Jun 13th, 2002, 07:43 PM

Jun 13th, 2002, 10:11 PM
its serena in may june july and august.

Jun 14th, 2002, 03:33 PM
Hands down Serena. Stepping up to the plate and picking off some fine "clay-courters", making it to the finals of two tier I's on clay (her supposed worst surfact) and winning in Rome. What's to consider. Serena without a doubt.

Jun 15th, 2002, 12:52 AM
Serena is clearly the winner in this poll.
I really like Justine and Kim as players and am excited that they are such good tennis players (and I think that they are also gracious people). But during May, Serena did prove herself on clay. Her losses were always tight 3-setters, and she did beat a lot of clay court "specialists." Does that make her now a clay court specialist as well?

Jun 15th, 2002, 03:19 AM
Obviously Serena.

Jun 15th, 2002, 02:17 PM
I think Kim was the best player this month even that Serens won
the roland garros.

Jun 15th, 2002, 05:08 PM
SERENA is the player of the month

E. Blackadder
Jun 15th, 2002, 11:01 PM
Kim is my favorite and even how musch I dislike Serena, she has amazed everybody this month

Jun 16th, 2002, 05:47 PM
Kim is my favourite, but the best player in May was definately Justine... I know Serena won RG and is undoubtedly the best player for May+start of June, i have to be fair and consider the May cut-off. I know, Henin lost before the end of May, but Serena only got to the third round before it (to me a third round isnt a special accomplishment).

Just imagine Serena had lost her match June 1st, and wouldnt have won RG, then the May results (the only ones we're allowed to take into account) would still be the same, but a lot less people would be voting for Serena...

I dont hate Serena, and while she did have the best clay-court season this year, she wasnt the best in May

Jun 16th, 2002, 05:53 PM
pffffff my vote gets to Clarisa Fernandez

Jun 16th, 2002, 08:18 PM
Serena Williams of course :cool:

Jun 17th, 2002, 05:18 AM

Jun 17th, 2002, 06:01 AM
Listen people, part of the FO counts!!! It counts up until the third round, which Justine didn't make it too, and she did win one tourney, german, but Rena was finalist, and won the italian in two sets, close sets, but still two!! Then Justine was out RND 1 at FO, and in may rena made it to round 3!! Clearly Serena!

Go Williams
Jun 17th, 2002, 06:41 PM
No question-Serena

VS Fan
Jun 18th, 2002, 01:02 AM
I think this is the EIGHTH day of this poll, Is it not about time to publish the results?? In two weeks it will be July, and you will have another poll with Wimbledon first week only.

Like I said earlier, By the rule of the poll, Serena and Justine are virtually a dead heat. I would give Serena a slight edge, but then check out my posting name!!

Jun 18th, 2002, 02:00 PM
Serena deserves it after her winning in Parisand in Roma.But if Jusine was not ill I think that she could have done something good in the FO.