View Full Version : were there ANY great matches?

Jun 8th, 2002, 06:45 PM
I can't think of one really great match at this year's French from the women. Judging from scores and stats, the Rubin/Schett match and possibly the Suarez/Dechy match looked really good, but I didn't see them so I can't say for sure. Other than that, I don't see anything. True, several went to three sets, but in a big chunk of those one player would win a set and then be blown out in one or both of the other sets and the unforced errors were rampant throughout the tournament (even with the understanding that French Open UE's are a bit inflated).

And then to top it off, there's a rather lackluster final. I know a lot of finals can be lackluster, but normally that's because one player is playing really well. Here, one player was playing below her abilities and the other was playing REALLY far below her abilities. I suppose there would be a story interest if you are a huge fan of them or if you're a "Rah! Rah! America" type, but the match itself was subpar. It was more competitive than a lot of their matches, but if they were two European players without the "story" then this would quickly go down as one of those forgettable finals. (I say competitive rather than better because certainly they've played much cleaner matches, even if they were blowouts)

I did miss a good chunk of the first week so maybe I just didn't see the good matches or maybe it's the ESPN/NBC coverage. Normally, there's at least one great match in the slams. So were there any that you thought was memorable (for quality of play rather than the "story")?