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Sep 1st, 2006, 04:21 PM

Don't know if this was posted before, but thought to share...

Sep 1st, 2006, 07:37 PM
Thanks for sharing this :)

Sep 4th, 2006, 07:37 PM
Jelena updated her blog yesterday :)

Sep 4th, 2006, 09:34 PM
it is funny - she is so down to earth :)

Sep 9th, 2006, 10:47 PM
September 8, 6:15pm

My dear fans, this is the last time I write you. I wish we prolonged this until tomorrow night since I really wanted to be in the finals. I want you to know that I gave my best today and even though I lost I feel very satisfied leaving New York. New York will always be a special city for me, and I cannot wait to come back next year for another attempt to be on the top of 'Big Apple'!

For all of you, who are following my career, I want to let you know that I withdrew from the tournament in Bali. I have had a back injury since a few days ago, and I have decided to go back to Serbia and take care of it, recover well before I head to China. I was so excited that I was going to Bali since it's such a beautiful place and the tournament is great, but my health is the priority. I was supposed to do a fashion show, and other photoshoots as well with many other interesting activities but unfortunately it's not going to happen!

Tonight I am going out to party with my boyfriend and some friends. I just need to forget a little bit about tennis and have fun outside the court. Tomorrow evening I am leaving to Belgrade, Serbia, finally going to my favorite destination which is home! I cannot wait to see my brothers, my father and everybody else who I missed so much while I was in the States.

See you in 2007! Lots of love,


Aww, Jelena.

Sep 9th, 2006, 10:58 PM
Great to hear it :hearts:
She deserves to party :drool:
Go and rest girl

Just Do It
Sep 10th, 2006, 12:39 PM
Jelena :hug: