View Full Version : Iran - women beaten in protest march for court rights

Aug 24th, 2006, 04:45 PM
Again, Bush is dumb, Bush is bad. Iran is good, means no
harm, just misunderstood. Media gives us all the news.
Oh yeah, Congress now says, intelligence experts underestimated
Irans ability and aims. The same ones that told us all about
Saddam and Iraq for two decades, those guys? Got it............

Iran recently beat, used teargas, by the Iran Security Police
(Irans version of the SS), for wanting a womans testimony
to have more or equal value in court. What a concept?

Amnesty International written report.
Not FOX news.

Where is Gloria Steinem?
Where is Susan Sarandon?
Where is Sean Penn?

Goes hand in hand with the ever growing dictatorship and
abuse going on in Iran, as it builds up a nuclear power with
billions from oil sales.

But, graffiti says 'Bush sucks' and posts are about Bush
being the ultimate evildoer. The Iranian leader and govt.
get a pass again. From the media and students. Amazingly
shortsighted, but easier to do I guess.

Women are finding their rights and lives trampled on all over
the Middle East, and by death if they deem it necessary, and
our Western media and womens studies groups and activists
spend more time telling me Bush just likes soccer moms and
not any other women who may vote.

Will we pay attention too late, again?
Will we grow tired of fighting if it takes longer than
American Idols next season? Again?

Aug 24th, 2006, 06:50 PM
Women's rights in an Islamic state? What does anyone actually expect?!