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Aug 23rd, 2006, 07:13 PM
I think the most interesting round is round of 32 as there are a lot of unpredictable matches. However, I managed to pick the possible round of 16 with undecided 3rd round(in bold) I pick in it.

Round of 16
Serena or Ana vs Amelie
Vera or Hingis vs Dinara

Maria vs Mary
Myskina vs Golovin or Nadia

Kuzi vs Jankovic or Vaidasova
Groenfeld vs Venus or Dementieva

Davenport vs Schynder
Peer or Mirza vs Justine

Quarter Final

Ana vs Hingis
Maria vs Myskina
Jankovic vs Dementieva
Davenport vs Justine

Onwards, its even harder to predict!!!!

Aug 23rd, 2006, 07:21 PM
I predict:

Fourth Round:

Mauresmo def Serena
Hingis def Safina
Maria def. Mary
Don't know def. Don't know
Vaidisova def Kuznetsova
Dementieva def whoever
Davenport def Schynder
Justine def whoever


Mauresmo def. Hingis (I'd say 40% chance for Marti. I'd be so happy if she can pull it off)
Sharapova def. Dont know(don't think anyone can challenge her yet. BUt who knows, she can always just go off her game)
Vaidisova def. Dementieva(I think Nicole will do big things here)
Justine def. Davenport (Lindsay just not in shape and match tough enough)


Sharapova def. Mauresmo(yes, I believe Maria will finally get over the hump)
Justine def. Nicole (4 straight slam finals for Justine)


Sharapova def. Justine (Finally, Sharapova will reign supreme again. At least I hope)

Aug 23rd, 2006, 07:29 PM
what an interesting draw. if serena's ready, she'll have no problem with daniela, ana, mauresmo, or hingis. reminiscent of the australian open 2005. i'm just dying for a williams/williams or serena/justine final

Aug 23rd, 2006, 07:29 PM

mauresmo v. ivanovic
safina v. peng
sharapova v. li
chakvetadze v. frazier

kuznetsova v. jankovic
safarova v. dementieva
schnyder v. davenport
peer v. henin-hardenne


mauresmo v. safina
sharapova v. chakvetadze

jankovic v. dementieva
schnyder v. henin-hardenne


mauresmo v. sharapova
dementieva v. henin-hardenne


mauresmo v. dementieva

winner: mauresmo