View Full Version : GOP poll numbers improving after Brit plot foiled

Aug 22nd, 2006, 08:36 PM
The GOP is now w/i 2 points of the Democrats in November
election general polls.
How'd that happen?
GOP raising money faster than Democrats now, after
lagging for months.
Bush approval ratings back up.

Congressional approval ratings not up.

Per USA Today.
The silence on that is amazing.

Does it mean much?

Not really.

Other than when we get a quick jolt of reality:
there are really sick bad guys out there who want to
kill you, me, the baby in the carriage, and your
grandmother for no particular reason other than
they hate your existence and the fact you breathe
in and out daily.

Santorum is catching up too.
Still, he's got a long way to go to
win another term. Democrats still
have the ege there.

Arnold is leading. Angelides is an
idiot. The other guy should have
been the Dem. nominee.
Lieberman, looking good.
Can he hold on to that lead?

GOP will likely lose the House.

Impeachment hearings will absorb
the Democrats, and inspire the GOP -
just like w/Clinton. However, the
impeachment proceedings will go
nowhere for one reason: the Democrats
supported Bush, and facts and paper
back it up - those darn paper trails
don't do much more than say, hey,
the CIA isn't that smart afterall.

Hoping to hold on to the Senate.
That's iffy,but, looking better than it
did a few months ago for the GOP.

Bush ain't running for anything.
Memo to Howard Dean - Bush isn't
running for anything at all.

He isn't campaigning much for anyone.
Doing a Clinton - raise money, not
His coattails have run out. True.
Painfully true.

But, when he does, he raises millions -
which is why he'll hold more fundraisers
in the next few weeks.

Bad guys reappear, GOP wins. Bad guys lay
low, Democrats win. I await Osama Bin Laden
(supposedly the old geezer) and his latests
pre-election video telling us how bad Bush is,
and how misunderstood Islam and he are.