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Aug 22nd, 2006, 04:29 AM
this thread is for anyone who is going to pilot pen and would like to share their experiences with everyone, give match reports, or anything like that.

Im going tomorrow and am crazy excited. I will definitely be seeing:

Myskina vs. Santangelo
Golovin vs. Kuznetsova
Hantuchova vs. Groenefeld
Davenport vs. Srebotnik
Chakvetezde vs. Voskoboeva(same time as Myskina, but i want to see both :sad: )
also Blake if anyone cares about that

unfortunately i dont have a camera so pictures wont be available from me, but i will report back tomorrow night with what I see! :)

Aug 22nd, 2006, 05:10 AM
i'm going thursday for day and night session. :cool:

Aug 22nd, 2006, 06:44 PM
hope you don't mind me jumping into this thread with this but i found two blogs from the new haven tournament. the bloggers are from two local newspapers. be nice to the bloggers! ;)


Aug 23rd, 2006, 07:00 AM
just got home...didnt take notes there so im doing everything from memory but i have sooo much to tell about

Aug 23rd, 2006, 03:37 PM
More report on Tati's match please.

Aug 23rd, 2006, 04:57 PM
Calvin, did you see Chaky's match. If so, please clear up the mystery, what the hell was going on and why did she retire on match point?

Aug 23rd, 2006, 05:12 PM
ok guys i didnt get to go today because i was exhausted from getting home so late last night from danka's match
if i get the chance i will go tomorrow.... these are the wta matches i saw...

some of the beginning and the last set of Myskina vs. Santangelo
all of Chakvetezde vs. Voskoboeva
very end of Stosur vs. Sun
all of golovin vs. kuznetsova
most of davenport vs. srebotnik
and all of hantuchova vs. groenefeld

ill do reports one by one, and i also saw lots of players practicing, so i can give you some info about that as well....

Aug 23rd, 2006, 06:28 PM
ok so i get there and had never been there before so me and my sister are kind of just walking around and exploring. Its about 930 and matches didnt start until 10. There are tons of people looking through the breaks in the trees that are blocking the practice courts, but they are all men playing and to be honest i couldnt recognize most. Saw monflis, rochus, clement. Most i didnt know at this point. So we go to leave and my sister walks into someone and i here the lady in her accent go very sorry, and I knew right away my sister just walked into Justine Henin. I was in shock ive only been to the us open and never been this close to a pro player before. Im not an autograph kind of person so it didnt try for one just kind of stared at her lol.
Right away i noticed that in this area outside of the practice courts players were stretching and jogging all over the place. Mauresmo was two feet away from me. Srebotnik was there and sorry to her fans but she looks freakishly thin in person. I know im a daniela fan, but i think srebotnik looks scary skinny, maybe because shes so tall but i was like yikes! Srebtonik was practing intense for hours. I was shocked at how hard she working on the practice courts with a match later in the day. Zvonareva was there warming up and joking around with her coach/trainer. The chinese team was all there except for na li. I didnt see her all day, she was never practicing with them or around which i thought was weird because the rest were there all day long together. Zheng, Yan, Sun and someone else, but im not sure who it was. They really are cute in person!! Bartoli came out and was talking to Mauresmo but i felt like amelie wanted to continue getting ready for her practice session. :lol: I saw Vania King with her parents i think. Is she adopted? Because they were not asain. And im pretty sure they were her parents. Likhotseva came out and started practicing with Zvonareva. Didnt watch them much but neither loooked happy or said much during it. Craybas came out and was practicing with some guy. She was shrieking really loud and you heard it for like the next hour, even on the court where I was watching anna c. Schiavone was there, and I was astonshied at how much of man she looks like in person. Scary kind of, sorry to her fans, I was literally shocked. :o Kuznetsova was fooling around with one of the Pilot Pen officials, i love this girls personality, she just seems like a really cool person, especially in person. So now its like 10 so i decided to go and watch anna c vs. voskoboeva, but the start was delayed so we headed over to stadium to watch myskina/santangelo.....

Aug 23rd, 2006, 06:54 PM
myskina vs. santangelo

from what i saw in this match they were both playing relatively well
myskina was always yelling at herself and throwing her racket
santangelo has a very "different" game. full of spins, she comes into net alot and her form is just different than anything ive ever really seen before. She like jumps when she hits almost every ball. She had some really pretty drop shots and passing shots that were aggravating the hell out of myskina. She also has a very, very strong first serve. I liked her game alot and think she has the ability to be a top 20-25 player. Myskina was complaining alot about alot of calls and used all her challlenges early in the first and third sets. She was wrong everytime i saw her use it :o Santangelo was complaining about Myskina complaining all the time and after that a bitchfest started in the third. They were staring eachother down, it was quite funnny. There was definitely a lot of drama in that third set and the handshake afterwards was hysterical. Myskina sat down first, started putting her things together, shook hands with the chair and then mara with her bags in hand and just walked off. I didnt see the middle of this match though so cant really talk about that. This was a fun match to watch but I really wanted to see Anna C and I would be courtside for that one so we decided to go back and see it....

Scots Kim Fan
Aug 23rd, 2006, 07:27 PM
Thanks for the reports! keep them coming.

I would have been the exact same if I had bumped into justine, totally in awe. I'm the exact same when it comes to autographs as well because I don't want to bother any of the players.

As for what you said about Svetlana, I hope I'm lucky enough to meet her one day because everyone seems to say she is always so friendly

Aug 23rd, 2006, 10:31 PM
Any guess at who the guy coaching Tati was?

Aug 23rd, 2006, 11:26 PM
Any guess at who the guy coaching Tati was?

she has a coach, dont know his name but i knew it was him because when the cincinnati semifinal was on tv the commentator kept talking about it and the camera was on him a few times

Aug 23rd, 2006, 11:41 PM
ok so we go to anna c vs. voskoboeva

match was just beginning when we got there and i was courtside, 2 feet away and right behind anna c. This match was far from thrilling. Neither player showed much emotion. Anna c looked like she didnt want to be there at all from the very start. Voskoboeva was boring as hell. She was just moonballing the hell out of Anna. Anna was playing well but just kept making errors off her backhand, right after a coaching session, Galina started attacking it on every point and it worked. I think her wrist was bothering her from the beginning. She came out with it taped up and called for the trainer late in the first set. I would think it could be why she had so many backhand errors. Galina was soooo bitchy during the match, especially if anna called the trainer or took time between points. The second set was either a forehand winner from anna or a backhand error from anna. Voskoboeva was just hitting it back, lobbing it back, boring as hell match. I felt bad for anna because she was getting more and more annoyed. She called the trainer again at at 3-5 in the second set. Voskoboeva yelled out in annoyance, which was really not cool of her at all. The whole time anna is recieving treatment Galina is like a foot away from her swinging her racket and like siking herself up, obviously she had the whole court and didnt have to do it there. The chair made her move to her side, and she mumbled something under her breath. I kind of wanted to go on court and smack her :lol: i was so excited when anna fought back after that but when anna retired on mp i knew it was because she was annoyed to. Oh and galina hit the net cord twice in a row to reach mp on serve returns, kind of added insult to injury i think. Anna walked over to the chair asked for the trainer again, and then while she was sitting there(before the trainer even got there) told the umpire she was retiring. She got up and walked off and the crowd booed her for doing it on match point. I thought it was bitchy but that is why she did it i think.

Aug 24th, 2006, 12:09 AM
she has a coach, dont know his name but i knew it was him because when the cincinnati semifinal was on tv the commentator kept talking about it and the camera was on him a few times

His name is Dean Goldfine. I asked because there were some repors that they split after San Diego

Aug 24th, 2006, 01:17 AM
His name is Dean Goldfine. I asked because there were some repors that they split after San Diego

nope definitely same guy :)
and i think her mother was there but definitely an older woman who he was sitting next to and talking to the whole time

Aug 24th, 2006, 03:50 AM
so the next match i saw was golovin vs. kuznetsova

MATCH OF THE DAY for sure!!!!

this match was such high quality, i have not seen a match like this in a looong time. I havent seen many like this where the crowd ooohed after almost every point.
The rallys from the first point to the last point were unbelievable. There were no cheaps points to be had. I would guess average hits per rally was about 15-20, no exaggerating.

first set kuznetsova was playing out of her mind, some of the prettiest shots ive ever seen live came off her racket and even she was laughing after some of them. tati was playing so well so the score doesnt show how tight the points were. not to mention that most games actually went to deuce. tatiana looks much better in person than she does on tv or in pictures imo, same is true for sveta. i like both of them but tati is one of my very faves so i was rooting for her.
the second set tati came out firing. Her forehand was soo on today. It was so pretty, sailing right into the corners moving sveta from side to side. It was apparent that tati was playing to sveta's forehand much more as well. It definitely paid off as tati took control of more of the points and another close set with lots of deuces went to tati, this time because sveta wasnt able to find those ridiculously amazing shots. i was surprised by golovin's movement on court, shes surprisingly quicker than i thought and gets to balls you would never think she could get to. She doesnt look fast out there but she is.
anyhow they went to the third set and it was getting tense. tati broke right away and was up 3-0. same story as second set, she was hitting everything to sveta forehand. as sveta started to come back both players were struggling with their emotions. i mean they were both very animated the whole match, but tati yelled out the f word a few times in the third and sveta kept shrieking so loud when she couldnt chase down balls im sure they heard it miles away. golovin actually just missed a ball and screamed in such a high pitch that the crowd actually went silent, i never expected such a shrill sound to come out of her :lol: tati who had said a few things to her coach throughout the match started yelling in his direction quite a few times especially when she was on his side. I was sitting right next to him and could hear the things he was telling her and to who i think was tati's mom. nothing exceptional just like good point, she controlled that point, she needs to do this, ect, ect. Well tati yelled out after a point she lost, tell me why am i hitting it to her backhand. Then the next point hit every single shot to the forehand, there was like 25-30 shots in the rally, i thought it was hysterical. Anyhow a game on sveta's serve i think it was for tati to go up 4-1 went to like 10 deuces and sveta pulled through. and another one on sveta's serve right after went to many as well. The tension was insane and the points were just getting better and better. when tati was serving at 4-5 she didnt choke, believe me. The points were some of the best of the match and there wasnt much more she could do. I think she was upset about blowing alot of bps on the multiple deuce games on svetas serve. but all in all there is nothing she should be upset about, she played some amazing tennis, just sucks she had to get the loss.

Aug 24th, 2006, 03:57 AM
so after this match was over i was able to get to one of the really small courts where stosur was playing sun. i knew it was 4-0 stosur in the final set so i hurried over there and when i got there, i couldnt see on the court yet but heard it and thought that the match was finished and that a mens match had started. Thats because stosur sounds like a man when playing tennis. Nothing wrong with it but her grunts and especially the sound she makes when she serves is very man-sounding. :o :lol:
anyhow i got there at 4-0 stosur and then she took the end of the game at 5-0
lisa raymond was sitting next to me rooting for stosur(she calls her sammie) and vania king was there rooting for tian tian.
all i can say about this match is that it sucked. not gonna lie, both players from the small part i saw were not playing well. i know i had just came from a good match but if stosur didnt have an unreturnable serve, she lost the point. if sun tried anything but wait for stosur to make the error she would make an error herself. pretty sure i did not see one winner aside from aces from sam.
sun got it to 2-5 but stosur closed it out from 0-30 in her game to win the final set 6-2
i told lisa good luck later in doubles and left. next womens match i went to see was davenport but it wasnt going to start for a while so i decided to go back to the practice courts and see who was around....

Aug 24th, 2006, 04:28 PM
ok so we go to anna c vs. voskoboeva

[...]Anna walked over to the chair asked for the trainer again, and then while she was sitting there(before the trainer even got there) told the umpire she was retiring. She got up and walked off and the crowd booed her for doing it on match point. I thought it was bitchy but that is why she did it i think.

:devil: Awesome. Thank you so much for your report! Finally we get an answer about what happened. Anna took a hell of a lot of criticism on this board for retiring when she did but to be honest it sounds quite funny. That's a pretty big F.U. to Voskoboeva. :lol:

It also sounds like she didn't want to be there so perhaps our theories that she was forced to play by her father are true?

Aug 24th, 2006, 06:26 PM
ok so we head over to the practice courts again and justine henin is finishing up her session. elena dementieva is stretching and getting ready for hers. They started talking but i couldnt hear what they were saying. They were chatting for a good 15-20 minutes there. james blake was on a nearby court and he must have signed something like 200 autographs before he started. amelie mauresmo was playing a practice set with vera zvonareva and vera got trashed during it. Her coach/trainer was obviously not pleased and afterwards they had a heated discussion. I heard some of what was said. I know she approached meilen tu about pllaying doubles at the open but meilen turned her down for time restraints. Whatever that means?
Maria Kirilenko came out and was hitting with Thomas Blake. James Blake came over and told her to take it easy on him. She said she'll try her best. Whenever Thomas hit net, or hit it out or something Maria would just laugh. She has a really cute accent and is definitely the best looking girl on tour imo. She was all shy around James though, i thought that was funny. Dementieva was practicing now and all she was doing was serving, i didnt see her whole practice session but im pretty sure that is all she did. The chinese were all playing together, except for Na Li again. I was watching them when their coach came over and in English told Zheng i think that Sun just lost in the third. She went and told the others in Chinese. If it was Zheng she speaks very good english. Patty Schnyder didnt hit any balls but was stretching on the side of one court. Some girl about 10 years old came up to her and told her she was a huge fan and all that. Patty seriously talked to her about tennis and other things for 20 minutes. Ive never been a big Patty fan but that was really nice and I gained a lot of respect for her after that. Voskoboeva was out on court for like over 2 hours and this was after her match against anna. She was hitting with Likhotseva for a little, but then Likhotseva left. Davenport's match was starting soon so i headed over to the main stadium for that.