View Full Version : Venture Brothers Season 2

Brian Stewart
Aug 17th, 2006, 09:14 AM
Anyone watching this, or am I the only one? (Season 1 was the top-selling DVD, so someone is watching.)

We're 6 episodes in, and so far, the show seems better than last season.

Brief episode synopsis:

"Powerless in the face of death"- with the boys dead, Prof. Venture tries to get away from it all, before being dragged back by Brock, Jonas Venture Jr., or "JJ", with a new bionic arm, has completed most of the experiments left sitting on the workbench. Doctor Orpheus is unsuccessful at resurrecting the boys. Prof reveals boys are clones of the originals, and this is the 14th time they've "died". Their memories are stored in their sleep chambers, to educate the clones. Monarch makes a prison break, without much help from his "allies".

"Hate floats"- Monarch tries to rebuld his gang. Only 2 of the original henchmen are left (the 2 that accidently killed Hank and Dean). They recruit a street gang to operate the cocoon, with disastrous results. Monarch attempts to abduct Dr. Girlfriend. There's a riff on the "can you read my mind?" sequence from the Superman movie. Hank and Dean think Dr. Girlfriend is their mother, and are repeatedly informed "I'm not your f***ing mommy!"

"Assassinanny 911"- Brock is called away to track down his former mentor, and asks his old girlfriend, Molotov Cocktease, to babysit the boys.

"Escape to the house of mummies"- begins with a "flashback" to the non-existant part one, and includes time-travel (2 Brocks fighting together).

"20 years to midnight"- Brock finds a tape from the original Doctor Venture, telling them of an alien invasion. To stop it, they must gather the parts of his greatest invention from around the globe. Along the way, they encounter the adult Johnny Quest, and get captured by Richard Impossible.

"Victor. Echo. November."- big dating episode. The Monarch takes an internet date to double with Phantom Limb and Dr. Girlfriend. Hank and Dean double date with Doctor Orpheus' daughter and another girl, who winds up becoming a super-villain. Phantom Limb puts out a hit on Team Venture through the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and Prof Venture and H.E.L.P.E.R. are caught in the attack, until Brock persuades Phantom Limb to call it off.

Episode 6 should re-air late Thursday night. Next week's is supposed to be "Love Bheits".

So, which episode is your favorite? :)