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Jul 21st, 2006, 07:10 PM
The following info comes from a source that I do NOT consider unbiased. (The source is academic, rather than political.) That said, it doesn't mean the statements are false. But in general, in such cases I seek the views of those who do not share the bias of the author. Consequently, I ask the posters who are Israeli or knowledge-able supporters of Israel to give their views on the following statements.

Hezbollah did not surprise Israel with the capture of the two Israeli occupation soldiers. Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah has repeatedly warned that if Israel does not release its Lebanese prisoners, he will be compelled to take Israeli soldiers as bargaining chips.Have you heard of such threats Hasan Nasrallah before the current crisis.
And Israel has not been sitting idly by since its partial withdrawal from South Lebanon in 2000. It has not only continued to occupy parts of South Lebanon, but also has been violating Lebanese sovereignty, by air, sea, and land.Does Isreal still occupy parts of Lebanon? The withdrawal is generally cast as a complete one by the US media.

Israel has also been kidnapping innocent Lebanese citizens: fishermen and shepherds. And one fisherman from Tyre - my hometown - is still missing, and at least one shepherd was killed last year.a) Has Israel been 'kidnapping' anyone from Lebanon, as far as you know? b) Are these people 'innocent Lebanese citizens'? c) Are these people being released? (The author notes that one is 'still' missing, implying that the others are not.

Furthermore, Israel has adamantly refused to give to Lebanon a map of the more than 400,000 land mines that it left behind in South Lebanon, and which continue to kill Lebanese children in the region. Has Israel refused to give Lebanon a map of the land mines in South Lebanon? The area does, obviously, curreontly have a civilian population.

Obviously, I'll be pursuing other sources, vis-a-vis these accusations, but if anyone has an Israeli take onthe subject, I'd like to hear it.

NOTE: There already a thread on the conflict itself. I'm not trying to start another one. This is an information hunt. Thank in advance!

Jul 21st, 2006, 08:21 PM
Does Isreal still occupy parts of Lebanon? The withdrawal is generally cast as a complete one by the US media.

this is the only question i can reply off top of my head. yes, israel indeed still occupies a small part of lebanese territory. i think that land is connected to gollan heights which is syrian territory occupied/annexed by israel.

i'm sure you can check other info easily on the internet, with a little bit of patience.