View Full Version : Maverick Democrats are hated - stay in line Joe

Jul 19th, 2006, 05:45 PM
Mc Cain and Hagal and Collins and Snowe and
Chafee are hailed by the media as 'mavericks',
free thinkers, not lock step Republicans... can't
get them off the Sunday morning talk shows.
They are media darlings. The GOP tolerates
them, and assumes it must take the good with
the annoying. Knowing McCain for example, is
pro-life, backed Bush on Iraq and Afghanistan,
etc., while bashing Bush on almost everything

Even now, the GOP has more diverse opinion going
on than the Democrats do, from Iraq to Afghanistan
to taxes to stem cell to Schiavo, to the Israsel-Hezbollah-
Iran conflict. Views all over the place, from George Will
to Krauthhammer to Gingrich to Bush.

But, if you're a Democrat, and you don't follow
what Howard Dean and the Jonathon Alter and
Ted Kennedy and Cynthia McKinney sell, you're
a loser, a freak, a bad guy, and someone must
get rid of you. A la Joe Lieberman.

The guy is a moderate Democrat on almost every
issue. He strongly backed every Democratic candidate
for office for years. He was the brave and landmark
VP candidate of Al Gore! Now, he's dirt.

Why? He happens to think the Iraq War is a just cause,
a needed foreign policy move, and that Bush is more
right than wrong on the issue. He disagrees with Bush
on almost everything else, and always has.

For this, he is now being abandonded by Kerry, Clinton,
Boxer, and Dean...nice. For not being Cindy Sheehan,
he is being tossed aside. One Democrat supports the
Iraq War policy, and he's now dead to the party.

The media is joining in, bashing him, helping get rid
of him.

Maverick Democrats don't exist....tow the line.

I think Joe Lieberman really deserves the party backing.
He's been a good solid Democrat for decades, and this
is the thanks he gets.