View Full Version : Why? No Pride? No Shame? Exhibitionists?

Jun 29th, 2006, 02:21 PM
Why should Rosie O'Donnell or anyone else be upset with Star Jones because she chose not to disclose to the public how she lost all that weight? She is saying Star Jones is dishonest because she didn't disclose she had gastric by-pass surgery. Is nothing private anymore? Did Rosie go up to Starr in a private conversation and say; Starr I am fat and ugly and I don't like myself. I see you have lost a lot of weight, how did you do it? And did Starr turn around and say; Fugly bitch, I am not telling you anything. Go diet and exercise like everyone else! Is this why she is so upset with Star that she keeps taking verbal punches at her?

Why are people so obsessed in learning every little intimate details of another person's life, and when they are not told they feel slighted and insulted. People have developed this sense of entitlement. They feel they must be privy to all aspect of another's life. This has lead to an explosion of famous and not so famous people telling their stories to engender fame. This is why Jerry Springer, court TV and all those tell all sows are so popular.
Nobody takes pride in themselves anymore. Nobody feels shame any more when they go beyond the boundaries of decent behavior. It is almost like it is rewarded if you can publicly tell some secret about yourself that will cause shock. No one is ashamed anymore by deviant actions and behavior. There is no privacy anymore. Everyone is digging in your trash to find the worst thing they can about you. Have we all become a bunch of exhibitionist?

Personal data should be exposed if it causes corruption, endanger lives, compromise a belief which will then have an adverse effect on society. Private personal date should remain so. No one needs to know Paris Hilton has had more lovers that the Eiffel tower has had visitors. It might titillate us for a minute but do we really need to know?
Here is another one, who need to know who came out of the closet and when? Shouldn't that be a private matter between yourself and the persons or person with whom you were in the closet in the first place! Why advertise? If telling someone makes you feel better then by gosh! Get a therapist and talk all you want.... for $150.00 per hour. At least this way somebody benefits....

Jun 29th, 2006, 03:11 PM
I realize you're just out to stir the pot, but Rosie's complaint wasn't that Star didn't disclose having her stomach stapled, it was that Star made a public pretense of having the willpower to not eat as opposed to surgically forcing herself not to.

But for what it's worth, given how long Rosie was closeted and pretending to have a crush on Tom Cruise, I do believe she should have kept her mouth shut.