View Full Version : Public Service Announcement: DFS Classic missing seats fiasco!

Jun 12th, 2006, 05:50 PM
Hello everyone.

This is not to panic anyone but I just got back from the DFS Classic. The ticket I had was for N42 in Stand C and as it happens this seat and several others do not exist. Basically my seat was a step.

What one of the Staff said was that where the steps are, there are meant to be seats (no kidding)...but I thought it was a load of bull because I've been going for 7 years and there have always been steps there. The guys name was Steve Sharp (I think) and her lived up to his name....he was "sharp" in the sense he didn't deal with the situation well and was quite abrupt with a lady who was being very polite to him (and who like others was in the same predicament as myself).

Basically, she said "I understand you are in a difficult situation, but there are a lot of people without seat and I'm wondering what you are going to do about it?" Mr Sharp then responded very abruptly, "Well it's not my problem - it's nothing to do with me". He then went off and was never to be seen again.

One other very helpful staff member said that they would try to arrange seating court side if there was a problem, but they never did. Mainly it was fine because Day 1 never sells out so it just meant about 30 people ran the risk of playing musical chairs for the whole afternoon.

Basically, I just wanted to tell you in advance in case you have any of these tickets. As far as I'm aware, it's anyone with tickets to row A to N with seats 40-42.

If you do, they are likely to arrange for you to sit court side, especially since there won't be any spare seats the last few days.

Was there anyone else caught out by this today?

Hope this made sense to you all.