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Jun 1st, 2006, 12:15 AM
(alwayshingis - this is inspired from your game, and if you don't want me to do this, tell me... Because I sent you a PM, but you never answered, so I don't know. I figured I'd post this, and if you disagree with the idea, I'll just let it die. Thanks for your consideration :))

Welcome to Fill-in-the-Draw: Roland Garros Mixed Doubles!

This is a trial to see the level of interest in this kind of game. If all goes well, I'll try to play this game after Roland Garros.

To play, just fill in the entire draw with who you think will win each round, up until the winner. You cannot, under any circumstances, edit your posts, or the entry will not be considered valid.

Scoring will be done using the following method:
If you predict:
- a first round match winners: 2 points;
- a second round match winners: 4 points;
- a quarterfinal match winners: 8 points;
- a semifinal match winners: 16 points;
- the Champions: 30 points.
for a possibility of 158 ponits with a perfect entry.

Please make sure your entry is clear, for my sake =).

the Draw:
(1) Raymond/Bjorkman vs. Stewart/Matkowski
Myskina/Melzer vs. Suarez/Knowles
Peer/Erlich vs. Huber/Friedl
Mauresmo/Santoro vs. (7) Likhovtseva/Nestor

(3) Shaughnessy/Bryan vs Kirilenko/Paes
Foretz/Llodra vs. Bremond/Gicquel
Hingis/Bhupathi vs. Arvidsson/Huss
Mirza/Hanley vs. (6) Navratilova/Bryan

(8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic vs. Peschke/Damm
Razzano/Dupuis vs. Loit/Jeanpierre
Parmentier/Baghdatis vs. Dulko/Gonzalez
Yan/Haggard vs. (4) Zheng/Mirnyi

(5) Stubbs/Perry vs. Ruano Pascual/Prieto
Chakvetadze/Knowle vs. Pratt/Vizner
Zvonareva/Ram vs. Cornet/Chardy
Sun/Aspeling vs. (2) Black/Ullyett

Because of the short notice, I will accept entries until Friday. However, if your entry comes in after the order of play begins tomorrow, you will not get credit for predicting the two matches that will be played tomorrow. :)
I hope a lot of people participate :)

Jun 1st, 2006, 12:24 AM
My Picks:

Round One

(1) Raymond/Bjorkman def. Stewart/Matkowski
Myskina/Melzer def. Suarez/Knowles
Huber/Friedl def. Peer/Erlich
Mauresmo/Santoro def. (7) Likhovtseva/Nestor

Kirilenko/Paes def. (3) Shaughnessy/Bryan
Foretz/Llodra def. Bremond/Gicquel
Hingis/Bhupathi def. Arvidsson/Huss
Mirza/Hanley def. (6) Navratilova/Bryan

(8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic def. Peschke/Damm
Loit/Jeanpierre def. Razzano/Dupuis
Dulko/Gonzalez def. Parmentier/Baghdatis
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def. Yan/Haggard

Ruano Pascual/Prieto def. (5) Stubbs/Perry
Chakvetadze/Ram def. Pratt/Vizner
Zvonareva/Ram def. Cornet/Chardy
(2) Black/Ullyett def. Sun/Aspelin

Round Two

Myskina/Melzer def. (1) Raymond/Bjorkman
Mauresmo/Santoro def. Huber/Friedl
Kirilenko/Paes def. Foretz/Llodra
Hingis/Bhupathi def. Mirza/Hanley

(8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic def. Loit/Jeanpierre
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def. Dulko/Gonzalez
Ruano Pascual/Prieto def. Chakvetadze/Ram
(2) Black/Ullyett def. Zvonareva/Ram


Mauresmo/Santoro def. Myskina/Melzer
Hingis/Bhupathi def. Kirilenko/Paes
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def. (8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic
(2) Black/Ullyett def. Ruano Pascual/Prieto


Hingis/Bhupathi def. Mauresmo/Santoro
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def. (2) Black/Ullyett


Hingis/Bhupathi def. (4) Zheng/Mirnyi

Jun 1st, 2006, 09:43 AM
No one wants to play? :sad: OK, I get it..

Jun 1st, 2006, 09:47 AM
I'll play...give me some time though...to pick.

Jun 1st, 2006, 10:14 AM
(1) Raymond/Bjorkman defeated. Stewart/Matkowski
Myskina/Melzer defeated Suarez/Knowles
Peer/Erlich defeated Huber/Friedl
Mauresmo/Santoro defeated (7) Likhovtseva/Nestor
Shaughnessy/Bryan defeated Kirilenko/Paes
Foretz/Llodra defeated Bremond/Gicquel
Arvidsson/Huss defeated Hingis/Bhupathi
Mirza/Hanley defeated (6) Navratilova/Bryan
(8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic defeated Peschke/Damm
Loit/Jeanpierre defeated Razzano/Dupuis
Dulko/Gonzalez defeated Parmentier/Baghdatis
Yan/Haggard defeated (4) Zheng/Mirnyi
Ruano Pascual/Prieto defeated (5) Stubbs/Perry
Chakvetadze/Knowle defeated Pratt/Vizner
Zvonareva/Ram defeated Cornet/Chardy
(2) Black/Ullyett defeated Sun/Aspeling

Myskina/Melzer defeated (1) Raymond/Bjorkman
Mauresmo/Santoro defeated Peer/Erlich
Shaughnessy/Bryan defeated Foretz/Llodra
Arvidsson/Huss defeated Mirza/Hanley
Loit/Jeanpierre defeated (8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic
Dulko/Gonzalez defeated Yan/Haggard
Chakvetadze/Knowle defeated Ruano Pascual/Prieto
Zvonareva/Ram defeated (2) Black/Ullyett

Myskina/Melzer defeated Mauresmo/Santoro
Arvidsson/Huss defeated Shaughnessy/Bryan
Dulko/Gonzalez defeated Loit/Jeanpierre
Chakvetadze/Knowle defeated Zvonareva/Ram

Myskina/Melzer defeated Arvidsson/Huss
Dulko/Gonzalez defeated Chakvetadze/Knowle

Dulko/Gonzalez defeated Myskina/Melzer

NOTE: I've never played this before so if I stuffed up just let me know.
Also I just picked my favourite players so if the picks seem a bit odd that is the reason.:D:D:D

Jun 1st, 2006, 10:50 AM
(1) Raymond/Bjorkman def Stewart/Matkowski
Myskina/Melzer def Suarez/Knowles
Peer/Erlich def. Huber/Friedl
Mauresmo/Santoro def. (7) Likhovtseva/Nestor

(3) Shaughnessy/Bryan def Kirilenko/Paes
Foretz/Llodra def. Bremond/Gicquel
Hingis/Bhupathi def. Arvidsson/Huss
(6) Navratilova/Bryan def. Mirza/Hanley

(8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic vdef Peschke/Damm
Razzano/Dupuis def Loit/Jeanpierre
Dulko/Gonzalez def. Parmentier/Baghdatis.
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def. Yan/Haggard

(5) Stubbs/Perry def Ruano Pascual/Prieto
Chakvetadze/Knowle def Pratt/Vizner
Zvonareva/Ram def Cornet/Chardy
(2) Black/Ullyett def Sun/Aspeling

2nd round
Raymond bjorkman def Melzer myskina
mauresmo santoro def peer erlich
shaughnessy bryan def foretz llodra
hingis bhupathi def navratilova bryan
srebotnik zimonic def razzano dupuis
zheng mirny def dulko gonzales
chakvetdze knowle def stubbs perry
black ulyett def zvonareva ram

mauresmo santoro def raymond bjorkman
hingis bhupathi def bryan shaughnessy
zheng mirny def srebotnik zimonic
black ulyett def chakvetdzee knowle

muresmo santoro def hingis bhupati
zheng mirny def black ulyett

zheng mirny def mauresmo santoro

Jun 1st, 2006, 06:35 PM
About another half-day left to enter :)

From here on out, Myskina/Melzer and Mauresmo/Santoro picks in the second round will not be awarded points.

Emiel Goelen
Jun 1st, 2006, 06:49 PM
first round

(1) Raymond/Bjorkman def. Stewart/Matkowski
Suarez/Knowles def. Myskina/Melzer
Huber/Friedl def. Peer/Erlich
Mauresmo/Santoro def. (7) Likhovtseva/Nestor

(3) Shaughnessy/Bryan def. Kirilenko/Paes
Foretz/Llodra def. Bremond/Gicquel
Hingis/Bhupathi def. Arvidsson/Huss
(6) Navratilova/Bryan def. Mirza/Hanley

(8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic def. Peschke/Damm
Razzano/Dupuis def. Loit/Jeanpierre
Parmentier/Baghdatis def. Dulko/Gonzalez
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def. Yan/Haggard

(5) Stubbs/Perry def. Ruano Pascual/Prieto
Chakvetadze/Knowle def. Pratt/Vizner
Zvonareva/Ram def. Cornet/Chardy
(2) Black/Ullyett def. Sun/Aspeling

second round

Suarez/Knowles def. (1) Raymond/Bjorkman
Mauresmo/Santoro def. Huber/Friedl

(3) Shaughnessy/Bryan def. Foretz/Llodra
Hingis/Bhupathi def. (6) Navratilova/Bryan

Razzano/Dupuis def. (8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def. Parmentier/Baghdatis

Chakvetadze/Knowle def. (5) Stubbs/Perry
Zvonareva/Ram def. (2) Black/Ullyett


Mauresmo/Santoro def. Suarez/Knowles

Hingis/Bhupathi def. (3) Shaughnessy/Bryan

(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def. Razzano/Dupuis

Zvonareva/Ram def. Chakvetadze/Knowle


Hingis/Bhupathi def. Mauresmo/Santoro

(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def. Zvonareva/Ram


Hingis/Bhupathi def. (4) Zheng/Mirnyi

Jun 1st, 2006, 07:15 PM

Raymond/Bjorkman over Stewart/Matkowski
Myskina/Melzer over Suarez/Knowles
Huber/Friedl over Peer/Erlich
Likhovtseva/Nestor over Mauresmo/Santoro

Shaughnessy/Bryan over Kirilenko/Paes
Foretz/Llodra over Bremond/Gicquel
Hingis/Bhupathi over Arvidsson/Huss
Navratilova/Bryan over Mirza/Hanley

Srebotnik/Zimonjic over Peschke/Damm
Loit/Jeanpierre over Razzano/Dupuis
Dulko/Gonzalez over Parmentier/Baghdatis
Zheng/Mirnyi over Yan/Haggard

Ruano Pascual/Prieto over Stubbs/Perry
Chakvetade/Knowle over Pratt/Vizner
Zvonareva/Ram over Cornet/Chardy
Black/Ullyett over Sun/Aspelin


Raymond/Bjorkman over Myskina/Melzer
Likhovtseva/Nestor over Huber/Friedl
Foretz/Llodra over Shaughnessy/Bryan
Hingis/Bhupathi over Navratilova/Perry

Srebotnik/Zimonjic over Loit/Jeanpierre
Zheng/Mirnyi over Dulko/Gonzalez
Ruano Pascual/Prieto over Chakvetadze/Knowle
Black/Ullyett over Zvonareva/Ram


Likhovtseva/Nestor over Raymond/Bjorkman
Hingis/Bhupathi over Foretz/Llodra

Srebotnik/Zimonjic over Zheng/Mirnyi
Black/Ullyett over Ruano Pascual/Prieto


Hingis/Bhupathi over Likhovtseva/Nestor
Black/Ullyett over Srebotnik/Zimonjic


Hingis/Bhupathi over Black/Ullyett

Jun 2nd, 2006, 01:07 AM

(1) Raymond/Bjorkman def Stewart/Matkowski
Myskina/Melzer def Suarez/Knowles
Huber/Friedl def Peer/Erlich
(7) Likhovtseva/Nestor def Mauresmo/Santoro

(3) Shaughnessy/Bryan def Kirilenko/Paes
Foretz/Llodra def Bremond/Gicquel
Hingis/Bhupathi def Arvidsson/Huss
(6) Navratilova/Bryan def Mirza/Hanley

(8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic def Peschke/Damm
Razzano/Dupuis def Loit/Jeanpierre
Dulko/Gonzalez def Parmentier/Baghdatis
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def Yan/Haggard

(5) Stubbs/Perry def Ruano Pascual/Prieto
Pratt/Vizner def Chakvetadze/Knowle
Zvonareva/Ram def Cornet/Chardy
(2) Black/Ullyett def Sun/Aspeling

(1) Raymond/Bjorkman def Myskina/Melzer
(7) Likhovtseva/Nestor def Huber/Friedl
(3) Shaughnessy/Bryan def Foretz/Llodra
Hingis/Bhupathi def (6) Navratilova/Bryan

(8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic def Razzano/Dupuis
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi def Dulko/Gonzalez
(5) Stubbs/Perry def Pratt/Vizner
(2) Black/Ullyett def Zvonareva/Ram

(1) Raymond/Bjorkman def (7) Likhovtseva/Nestor
Hingis/Bhupathi def (3) Shaughnessy/Bryan
(8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic def (4) Zheng/Mirnyi
(2) Black/Ullyett def (5) Stubbs/Perry

(1) Raymond/Bjorkman def Hingis/Bhupathi
(8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic def (2) Black/Ullyett

(1) Raymond/Bjorkman def (8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic

Jun 2nd, 2006, 02:01 AM
A little more time left... ^^

Jun 2nd, 2006, 04:42 AM
lol :) Interesting idea! The draw is certainly interesting, both Martina's could play each other in Round 2.


(1) Raymond/Bjorkman df. Stewart/Matkowski
Myskina/Melzer df. Suarez/Knowles
Huber/Friedl df. Peer/Erlich
Mauresmo/Santoro df. (7) Likhovtseva/Nestor

(3) Shaughnessy/Bryan df. Kirilenko/Paes
Bremond/Gicquel df. Foretz/Llodra
Hingis/Bhupathi df. Arvidsson/Huss
(6) Navratilova/Bryan df. Mirza/Hanley

Peschke/Damm df. (8) Srebotnik/Zimonjic
Razzano/Dupuis df. Loit/Jeanpierre
Dulko/Gonzalez df. Parmentier/Baghdatis
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi df. Yan/Haggard

(5) Stubbs/Perry df. Ruano Pascual/Prieto
Chakvetadze/Knowle df. Pratt/Vizner
Zvonareva/Ram df. Cornet/Chardy
(2) Black/Ullyett df. Sun/Aspeling


(1) Raymond/Bjorkman df. Myskina/Melzer
Mauresmo/Santoro df. Huber/Friedl
(3) Shaughnessy/Bryan df. Bremond/Gicquel
Hingis/Bhupathi df. (6) Navratilova/Bryan

Razzano/Dupuis df. Peschke/Damm
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi df. Dulko/Gonzalez
(5) Stubbs/Perry df. Chakvetadze/Knowle
(2) Black/Ullyett df. Zvonareva/Ram


Mauresmo/Santoro df. (1) Raymond/Bjorkman
Hingis/Bhupathi df. (3) Shaughnessy/Bryan
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi df. Razzano/Dupuis
(2) Black/Ullyett df. (5) Stubbs/Perry


Hingis/Bhupathi df. Mauresmo/Santoro
(4) Zheng/Mirnyi df. (2) Black/Ullyett


Hingis/Bhupathi df. (4) Zheng/Mirnyi

Jun 2nd, 2006, 09:35 AM
OK! No more entries, OOP for today has started :) Thanks everyone for playing.

Jun 3rd, 2006, 08:16 PM
Castano/Fyrstenberg replaced Loit/Jeanpierre, so that match will not be counted as a prediction.

Standings after Round One:
1. Kuzyisno1 - 18 points.
2. Barlos - 16 points.
2. mat87to - 16 points.
2. Volcanic Tennis - 16 points.
5. Bart - 14 points.
5. Emiel Goelen - 14 points.
7. Moon Unit - 8 points.

funny, everyone picked Ullyett/Black over Aspelin/Sun so we all got that wrong :lol:

Jun 4th, 2006, 01:10 AM
hey look at me 1st place!!! :D

i may be shit at predicting singles-but in mixed doubles i rock :rocker: :rocker: :rocker: :banana:

Jun 5th, 2006, 07:13 PM
Standings after Round Two:
1. Kuzyisno1 - 30 points.
2. Volcanic Tennis - 24 points.
3. Bart - 22 points.
4. Barlos - 20 points.
4. mat87to - 20 points.
6. Emiel Goelen - 18 points.
7. Moon Unit - 16 points.

Jun 7th, 2006, 11:55 PM
1. Bart - 38 points.
1. Kuzyisno1 - 38 points.
3. Emiel Goelen - 26 points.
4. Volcanic Tennis - 24 points. [dead]
5. Barlos - 20 points. [dead]
5. mat87to - 20 points. [dead]
7. Moon Unit - 16 points. [dead]

[dead] => You have no quarterfinal picks right.
The race is on between the three left =)