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May 29th, 2006, 03:07 PM
I'm starting this separate strand, as a Li Na fan, within the Li Na board, so that anyone who has no interest in the topic of dream precognition doesn't have to read the content here, but if there is anyone who does it's easily accessible to read.

Anyone who sometimes has dreams about tennis matches involving named stars of the professional tennis world is welcome to post them here and suggest possible interpretations in advance of coming events.

I am hoping that, as I follow her career closely, Na's progress will feature more often than that of other players in my dreams, but there's no way of guaranteeing that - the dreaming mind operates pretty autonomously, outside conscious control, like a computer on auto-pilot, and gathers what it chooses to from the unconscious mind, from memory, and, arguably, through psychic perceptions and precognitive faculties, and presents what it finds to the conscious mind during sleep, in its peculiar partially-symbolically-encoded way.

You can treat this topic lightly as a bit of fun, or seriously as a piece of scientific research, or you can ignore this strand altogether. But please don't flame it - that doesn't do any good to anyone or anything.

As is the nature of research into precognition, it is experimental, and not all dreams posted will turn out to have any obvious precognitive correlation with reality. If substantially in excess of 50% of dreams by any individual do, that in itself constitutes positive evidence in favour of the existence of the faculty of precognitive dreaming in that individual. The ones that do not are not a refutation of the existence of that faculty. They simply demonstrate the complexity of interpreting dreams and the fact that not all dreams are precognitive.

One of the most annoying things about dream precognition is that, because symbolism and established archetypes by which the brain can make sense of a future event (or the people and places and things involved in that event) are often substituted for the event (or people, places and things) itself (or themselves), it can be very difficult to interpret a truly precognitive dream without hindsight after the event it depicts comes to light in reality.

Some tennis dreams will be symbolic about everyday life - especially if you dream you play tennis yourself, and are not in fact a player, it is a safe bet that that is symbolic of something you are trying to achieve or win in your life!

Beware of the dreaming mind substituting names or even people. It tends to notice similarities and substitutes something that it notices is similar in some way to what it is really telling you about. This may not be the case so much with all dreamers, but it is common. Unfortunately it tends to obscure the process of interpretation so that it is hard to guess just who the dream is about until after the event.

If you want to participate in this experiment, feel free to note your tennis-related dreams about real-life tennis stars and their progress and matches as soon as they occur. If not, no problem - feel free to read anyway.

May 29th, 2006, 03:20 PM
Just to kick things off here, I dreamt last night that Kaia Kanepi was playing very elegantly and I was impressed by how she moved. Whether this means she will win today against Kveta I don't know! Hope she does though - ever since she has been in the pro tennis wilderness after such a promising junior career, I've been rooting for her to make it to the Top 100, and since starting her comeback trail last summer she is finally up there and making headway further upwards. No disrespect to Kveta, though - she's great too!

May 30th, 2006, 10:25 AM
Kaia won 6-2 6-3 against Kveta, who is ranked nearly forty places above her! This particular dream was a direct hit. Although when I look at Kveta's 2006 record to date it is not so hot, after she had an excellent come-back season in 2005 and late 2004, the dream precisely foresaw my subjective impressions as I watched the match unfold on the Roland Garros website scoreboard. There was even a detail I didn't mention that seemed to be made sense of by how the match went: at some point in the dream as I was watching Kaia play, I sensed a certain fatigue or weakness slowing her movement down for a while in the middle of the match, only for her to improve again afterwards. Kveta took a 3-0 lead (with one break of serve) in the second set; then Kaia won six straight games to take the match.

Last night brought little in the way of precise dreams of actual tennis players and their matches. The only tangible one was that a low-ranked French player, probably a qualifier or wildcard, unexpectedly reached the third round. When I look at the draw, there are only about three possibilities left that I can see as to who this could be: Aravane Rezai (if she beats Ai Sugiyama), Alize Cornet, or Mathilde Johansson. Mathilde would probably have to beat Maria Kirilienko to achieve this; Alize Cornet has the easier draw of the three, but unfortunately the dream didn't specify a name - just that it was a French player of relatively low rank and that the advancement to Round Three was not generally expected.

May 31st, 2006, 10:59 AM
Yesterday, Mathilde Johansson unexpectedly won her first-round match, while Alize Cornet won the first set against her opponent in their first-round tie only to lose the second before play was suspended overnight. Today, by the time of the rain delay, Aravane Rezai had levelled her second-round tie against Ai Sugiyama at one set a piece. At this rate, it wouldn't any longer be so surprising if one of the French qualifiers / wildcards did make it to Round Three, but if not, it would appear the dream was simply pointing to one or more of them doing better than expected.

I have very little of substance to report from last night's dreams unfortunately. There was a strong focus on Svetlana Kuznetsova; though it wasn't entirely apparent whether she was winning, I had a generally positive, admiring feeling about her coming through a tough match and staying in the public spotlight. This may unfortunately mean curtains for the winner out of Anna and Na for this tournament. However, this would be expected anyway. But the dream might also mean that Svetlana will advance quite a lot further into the latter stages of the tournament. Unfortunately, because the dream was not clearer, it's not entirely sure whether she will do unexpectedly well or unexpectedly badly, as both extremes tend to attract headlines, but my inclination from waking from this dream is to believe the first - that she will do better than expected and get to a late stage in the tournament.

The only other clip I recall was also confusing with no clear indication as to which player is involved, so I am inclined not to count this as a prediction because it's too ambivalent. But for the record anyway, I had a sense of Emmanuelle Gagliardi losing a very close match in the final set by a score somewhere around 9-7, but Alize Cornet winning a very close match in the final set by around the same score. It should be clear that the reason for my not putting any faith in this dream is that these two players are not due to meet. So either it is about Emmanuelle losing, or about Alize Cornet winning, but not both, or at least not in the same match. One remote possibility would be Alize Cornet winning her first-round tie then narrowly defeating Tatiana Garbin (beginning with Ga like Gagliardi) in the second, but this is highly tenuous and, on paper, most unlikely! I suspect Gagliardi will fight for all she's worth to defend her fourth round ranking points from last year anyway - her win over Camerin was a strong performance, and she must know that she's destined to slump down out of reach of the Top 100 unless she reaches the third round at least, which I suspect she won't manage.

Ok, enough of this. Let's see what actually happens over the next two days!

May 31st, 2006, 12:12 PM
Well, there's a positive result for the dream of the night before last! Aravane Rezai, a French qualifier, defeated Ai Sugiyama to reach the third round of the French Open. This dream was thus a direct hit: I don't think anyone would have bet on Rezai, Cornet or Johansson reaching round three, and certainly I didn't when I was playing 'Fill in the Draw' in another board before the start of this week, but the dream was correct in identifying that a low-ranked French player would unexpectedly reach the third round. Congrats. to Aravane on a stunning result.

Meanwhile, I see that Alize Cornet won her first round match rather easily in the third set. My dream last night showed her winning a match, so this much has come true. However, the close loss by Gagliardi to an opponent has yet to materialise. I presume Emmanuelle's next match will be played tomorrow.

By the way, my edit at 1:52pm to the previous post was simply to correct a mistake I had made in describing Alize's current match as second round and prospective tie against Garbin as third round: I realised this was wrong so I corrected to first round and second. No other element of the post was altered, and no addition was made.

May 31st, 2006, 12:35 PM
Why are you posting this here???????

May 31st, 2006, 12:48 PM
Basically because I'm a Na fan so this is my 'home forum'. I created a separate strand for this topic so that anybody who doesn't want to read it doesn't have to.

Jun 1st, 2006, 09:10 PM
No tennis dreams last night at all for me. Today the Gagliardi three-set loss dream materialised as she unexpectedly took a set from Daniela Hantuchova before losing the next two. However, in neither the win by Alize Cornet in three sets nor the loss by Emmanuelle Gagliardi in three was there a final set score-line anywhere close to 9-7. The dream correctly identified the winner and loser of the next matches by both Cornet and Gagliardi, and the margin in sets in each case too, but it was misleading about the final set scoreline.

One of the first rules of dream interpretation that I learned over many hours of introspective journal-keeping in my youth was that virtually all dreams have a meaning of relevance to reality. In England where I grew up, it's common to hear people saying 'It's only a dream' as though dreams are worthless bits of nocturnal mental story-telling, but virtually anyone who has studied dreams seriously comes to appreciate that this dismissive attitude is a huge waste of their value. Because we are all individuals, some of us have dreams that work in very different ways from others, so one schematic of interpretation does not fit all individuals, but at the same time there is an almost universal language of symbolism in dreams, although this varies somewhat with national and religious culture too. But certainly when it comes to dreams that are precognitive in their essence (as distinct from the kinds of dreams beloved of Freudian and Jungian analysts whose main function appears to be to shed light on and teach lessons from the psyche of the dreamer in its responses to and adaptations from life circumstances), it is pretty much a golden rule that every detail has a meaning and purpose related to the future event or events being glimpsed.

In this case, the appearance of an extreme final-set scoreline, disproven by the emerging reality of the two matches concerned, can however be made sense of through the realisation that the dreaming mind, seeing ahead into the conscious mind's coming-into-awareness of results of tennis matches, can very easily pick out the strongest impressions on the waking person's consciousness that are to arise in the same approximate time-frame (in this case the next couple of days following the dream), and then converge them a little confusedly into what appears to the conscious mind receiving the dream to be a coherent whole, when it in fact has been bundled together from multiple distinct impressions from the period of time concerned.

The above is a general theory of how precognitive dreams can appear to confuse multiple future events into an apparently coherent whole, deceiving the consciousness into believing they are. It met with a clear application in the case of this particular dream, since Cornet and Gagliardi were not due to meet in the draw, but they were destined (at the time of the dream, though nobody should have been able to know this) to win, and lose, respectively, their next matches in three sets - this has been proven by the results of the last two days since the dream was noted.

Yet beyond these basic details accounted for by the events of the two days following the dream, a detail of a final set running to about 9-7 was also thrown into the dream. Instead of simply writing this off as a 'miss' and a failure of the precognitive dream, my attitude as a dream interpreter is to consider why this scoreline came to be thrown into the dream, since it has been subsequently revealed that it was not the destiny of either Cornet's or Gagliardi's following matches to run to this scoreline in their final set.

The best answer I can presently offer, and I write from a position of intellectual humility, of realising that there is no proven answer here and that dream interpretation is not an exact science, relates to a completely different match that suddenly struck my attention yesterday on the Roland Garros scoreboard, which features both men's and women's matches. As I opened the page and scanned up and down, I was struck by the final set scoreline in a men's match: Kiefer was ahead of Gicquel by eight games to seven, and Gicquel was serving to stay in the match. Immediately the scoreline and the name of the serving player struck me: Gicquel was at risk of losing by seven games to nine in the final set, and Gicquel must be the most similar-sounding name to Gagliardi in the entire men's draw. Although Gagliardi's match was yet to be played, I immediately thought 'Aha - it might not be her match that runs to this kind of extreme last-set scoreline after all', since here was a match in the final set with a player having a very similar-looking name that was running very close to 9-7 in the last set. Always one to favour the underdog (unless the underdog is playing against Li Na or another of my favourite players, of course!), I really wanted Gicquel to win this tie. In practice, he survived his service game at 7-8 and reached 8-8, then managed to hold again for 9-9, before finally Kiefer broke him again and took the match 11-9. No, it wasn't 9-7, but it looked as if it was heading that way for a good moment, and it was still Gicquel who lost.

This match was a fascinating duel, the last set running for about 105 minutes, and it strongly impacted my consciousness... and that, in my experience, more than anything else, is what determines the likelihood of any moment in the future being picked up on precognitively in a dream: how strong an impression does the event make on you personally? The stronger the impression, the easier it is for the precognitive faculty of the dreaming mind to register it. How it works scientifically will probably remain a mystery to everyone alive today and for the next few hundreds of years... we can only theorise partially, since the fields of neurobiology, multi-dimensional particle physics and the very nature of time are all implicated, and in the absence of adequate hard science it remains a question in the domain of philosophy and speculation to this day.

Aug 21st, 2006, 06:43 PM
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Aug 22nd, 2006, 05:39 AM
do you have any simple instructions? i'm kinda have sour eye after read 1st one. haha, is that basically, we have to predict na's match?

Aug 22nd, 2006, 03:14 PM
or lotto numbers? :angel: