View Full Version : Does anyone here practice meditation/yoga/tai chi?

May 1st, 2006, 12:27 PM
I am very interested in really committing myself to a type of meditation for a better peace of mind. Where I am located, there are no facilities that hold such activities, so I'm left to DVDs & CDs. Once I move away though I am definately enrolling in a Yoga class. I have done Tai Chi & Yoga before and everytime I did them, I felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Honestly for those 20-30 minutes I did the meditation, my head was clear and I had no worries.. and even after the meditation ended, I was left feeling more optimistic & happy just because of the fact that I knew later on in the day I could go back to my clear-headedness and look at life in a more enjoyable fashion.

It was actually quite strange, I am not a morning person AT ALL.. it takes me hours to get going and I just hate the way morning feels.. really damp & muggy with the bright sunshine & loud birds barking, but the morning after I did my meditation, I went outside and everything was so different. I appreciated the morning dew, and the bright green trees, and the birds chirping, and the fresh air I was breathing into my lungs. Definately an exhilirating experience!

Does anyone here do any type of meditation? :)

John A Roark
May 1st, 2006, 07:25 PM
Every morning around 5:30-ish.
I used to call it prayer, until I grasped, finally, what Paul was talking about when he said, 'pray without ceasing.'
You live your prayer, day-to-day, as reflected in your life and your love for your fellow man. I heard a great quote yesterday: "Pray without ceasing. Use words when necessary."
But the meditation in the morning is a great way to focus and decide how best to use your day.

May 1st, 2006, 07:32 PM
I've been doing yoga for over 5 years and finished a teacher training last year.
Yoga has completely changed who I am. I'm much more relaxed and easy-going. Things don't bother me as much and I'm basically less bitchy. ;) :p
Seriously though....I think it's wonderful that you started meditating. I don't do a lot of meditation but I do like to chant mantras (which could be considered meditation) and working with the breath (or pranayama).
Definitely keep up with it!

May 2nd, 2006, 07:51 AM
I have been doing power yoga for 2,5 years and I must say it had helped me not only physically but also it helps me relax every time I feel too much stress and I do it especially when I am angry with sth or sb,it is amazing how much it works on that!

May 2nd, 2006, 08:14 AM
I once did it for like 1/2 hour with a friend on the beach.....but I couldn't fly or anything.....

May 2nd, 2006, 08:21 AM
I did tai chi a few years ago,
quite relaxing,
I was suprised by it!

TF Chipmunk
May 2nd, 2006, 08:49 AM
Tai chi people always steal the tennis courts to do there...tai chi :fiery::mad::armed:

May 3rd, 2006, 02:36 AM
I've been doing yoga for 10 years, but off and on, more off than on.

But I do love it....... my problem is just not making the time for it.

It feels so good, for me it's the time doing it, not how I feel afterward. The stretching feels so great to me.