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Apr 29th, 2006, 09:32 AM
Hello/ Stradzje!

I'm following a course here in Belgium which is called "Eastern European Law".

I have to wirte a paper about a issue i can choose "all by myself".
The purpouse is that I go into a certain issue which has to do with Russian law/jurisprudence/...
It's a rather small paper, but it should just give the students a little "incentive" to go search and learn more about the Russian structure, the recent evolutions under Putin, ...

So finally my question.
I don't know if it was "big news" in Russia, but in 2005, the Russian Suppreme Court decided to ban the Radical party of the Bolsheviks of Eduard Limonov.

My simple question is: does someone have any interesting thoughts/articles/... on this? I would like to maybe elaborate on the "freedom of expression", on the way some Russians (and foreigners) consider Putin is behind this decision by the Suppreme Court, ...

Painfull detail: Ja nie panimajoe paroeskie!!! (i don't understand Russian!) :sad:

I'll continue looking for info on the net and down at the library. But I really feel as if I'm thrown in deep water and i can't swim :p

Spasiba ;)!

Apr 29th, 2006, 02:10 PM
anyone? :p :sad: ;) :wavey: