View Full Version : KOF vs SF vs MvC vs MSH - Which is the better 2D Fighting Game?

Apr 28th, 2006, 03:14 AM
Which do you think is the best 2D fighting game ever?

KOF (King of Fighters) Series - Started in 1994 and continues until today. Was well known for the 3v3 (or 4v4) group battle, and the Evasion System (ability to "dodge" or "evade" moves")

SF (Street Fighter) Series - The pioneer of 2D Fighting Games. Started the "Super Move" craze, and the Parry System (Street Fighter III) - considered by many as the best technique ever in 2D Fighting history.

MvC (Marvel v Capcom) Series - Created the "Crazy Combos" and "Air Combos" craze. Also features unique characters and fighting styles...as well as a host of infinites and memorable bosses.

MSH (Marvel Super Heroes) Series (including X-Men vs SF, MSH vs SF) - Crossover has never been this good... Ryu vs Cyclops, Ken vs Gambit, Bison vs Magneto - you name it. Also the bosses were one of its kind (remember Apocalypse and Mech Gouki?)