View Full Version : A question for those in long-term interracial relationships/marriages

Wendy Williams
Apr 25th, 2006, 11:36 AM
Okay, so I was talking to my new sidekick Charlemagne Tha God and we were luxuriating in some George Vesselle champagne. He knows about me growing up in Ocean Township and stuff. Keeping it real as we do with each other, ‘Magne (as I call him when we’re getting our drink on) says “Aunt Wendy, I’m surprised knowing where you grew up that you didn’t marry a white guy.” If yous don’t know my husband, here he is with me:


Not that I didn’t think white guys we cute or hot but I always had a thing for the brothers from Brooklyn, from Brownsville or Crown Heights. ‘Magne told me that he can tell just by meeting a black girl or guy if they’re in interracial relationship. I don’t know about but it got me thinking. :scratch:

So my question to yous in long-term interracial relationships/marriages, did you always know when you were a kid that you’d be dating/marrying interracially when you were of age? Or did it just happen? Or...