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Apr 10th, 2006, 12:54 AM
(Trans World Sport may be televised in other countries, but the details in this message are specific to the UK.)

There are four points from the Miami final between Maria Sharapova and Svetlana Kuznetsova in this week's Trans World Sport, which is repeated with sign-language at 4:05am BST on {Wednesday night/Thursday morning} on Channel 4.

The tennis was 3 minutes into Sunday's broadcast of Trans World Sport, so I recommend 4:07am as a safe start-time for timer-record.

The points they showed:

* Maria serving 1-2 (ad Kuznetsova): Maria hit a penetrating forehand down the line, forcing Kuznetsova to hit a defensive backhand lob; Maria came in and hit a high forehand volley deep into Kuznetsova's baseline, but Kuznetsova hit a backhand onto Maria's baseline which Maria, retreating from the net, deliberately left for a winner!

* Maria serving 4-6 1-2 (ad Kuznetsova): Kuznetsova hit a pinpoint forehand winner down the line on the tenth stroke of the rally, courtesy of a short, weak forehand from Maria on the previous stroke.

Sue Carpenter: "Kuznetsova reaps the rewards for the extra work she put in on her serve and groundstrokes during the off-season, hitting a succession of winners from both flanks."

* Kuznetsova serving 6-4 5-3 (30/15): Kuznetsova hit a crosscourt backhand just inside the sideline, and the crowd laughed when Maria cried "Aiya!" whilst running for it; Maria hit a defensive backhand lob, Kuznetsova a forehand smash-winner, and Maria emitted a high-pitched scream!

Sue Carpenter: "The twenty-year-old has always been one of the fiercest ball-strikers in the women's game, but also one of the more erratic. This year she has focused on moderating her weight of shot, and keeping the ball in play."

* Kuznetsova serving 6-4 5-3 (40/15): Kuznetsova hit an ace down the middle that landed on the centre-line.

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Apr 10th, 2006, 01:16 AM
Not a great selection of shots for Maria fans...

I don't think I'll be staying up late to watch four points Maria lost. :ignore: