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May 18th, 2002, 07:25 PM
Kelly and Angela’s holiday in Corfu

Saturday 11th May

We arrived at the apartments at 4:20am and it is now 5:05am and we are stood on the balcony cos our keys have gone missing and the bloke who took us there didn’t know where they were. He said that he had to go and phone someone up to see if they know where they are. He came back still with no keys and said that the coach had gone without him…he went back into the town centre whilst we are still stood on this balcony…luckily we saw a rep from Kosmar walk past…so we shouted her to help us and she found the keys under a bin for us.

Later on Saturday

It is absolutly pissing it down and it has been all day..not gone anywhere. Angela broke sue and mats shower…the nozel end came flying off it and the room filled with smoke and there was water everywhere. At least there shower works…ours doesn’t. me and ang had to fix our toilet cos it wouldn’t flush.

Sunday 12th May

Left apartment at 10:30am to go to the pool. Went back to the apartment to get something for ang and I snapped the key in the door….i had to walk to the Kosmar office to find out what we do in my flip flops and swimming costume – the man at the office didn’t speak english but I managed to understand that I needed to speak to the owner of our apartments who also own the supermarket. Walked all the way back to this supermarket and she took the key (well what’s left of it) back. Told our rep (Leah) what had happened…ended being up in the sun all day. Shoulders are burnt. At 5:30pm the rep came back & I asked her if she had our new key – she didn’t – she went and spoke to the owner who said she gave the new key to a different rep but didn’t know who. The owner lent Leah the ‘master key’ (this is the new set of keys by the way)…but she has to have them back. Just got in and I went and blew the bulb in the bedroom – typical! Went out for tea and a HUGE thunderstorm started. Got soaked running back to the apartment…yes I know…me running!! Had a look for the new key that was supposed to be under the bin downstairs…we couldn’t find it. Went in our apartment (which has been left unlocked all night) to find a note from Leah asking if we had the new key…er …no. So now we are in a foreign country...in the middle of a thunderstorm with our front door barricaded with a table and chairs both suffering with sunburn. On a lighter note I did finish my book. Going to Aqualand tomorrow so god only knows what’s gonna happen…

Monday 13th May

Got up at 8:30am and sue checked to see if the key was downstairs…it wasn’t. this was really beginning to piss me off now. Told the cleaner not to lock the door as we didn’t have a key…just my luck she didn’t speak English. I tried using hand gestures to explain…but just looked a prat. She took me back to the owners who probally know me by name now. I explained the situation to them and they said to tell the rep that when she finds the key to give it to them. Went to the rep and she didn’t know where the key was but told me that she would sort it out and leave the key under this bin for when we got back. Got on the coach to go to aquapark and when we got there it was dead. There was like 10 people in the whole place and it was really cold and…erm…cold. I didn’t go in the water cos I didn’t want to so I sat and read my second book…im turning into a bookworm! Got back at 6 ish and saw the rep who said the key was under the bin. Went to our apartments and the bin had gone…NOT AGAIN…luckilly the lady who owns it managed to say “key blah blah blah Elena”….which for those of u you who don’t speak greek means “the key you are looking for is at the supermarket”…I have become bilingual on this holiday. I am now sat on my bed resing my burnt feet and shoulders whilst Ang is doing her washing. Angela has just walked out of the shower saying she cant turn the hot water tap off…this girl is a nightmare…Mat just popped in for the aftersun and tried to help angela – I had a go and it was stuck proper. Now just picture this…Mat in just a towel…angela in just a towel…and me in a half open swimming costume..all hitting this tap with a frying pan…Mat gave up and left…so I gave it a great whack with my backhad….lindsay would of been proud...and hey presto..i fixed it. Can you believe we have only been here for 3 days.

Tuesday 14th May

Woke up at 10am and I am absolutely knackard. Just been having a chat with Leah about how we are doing. Angela has just made the toilet vibrate…it was shaking and everything. She only had a wee…she must have emptied the Niagara Falls to do that. Went to the beach and angela is attempting to get rid of her white stripe down the back of her leg….you wouldn’t believe how funny it looks. Did a bit of suvenier shopping and lazed about round the pool….played this greek man and beat him..2-1….also beat mat 3-1 and won 3 euros. Just getting ready to go out but me and angela are strugeling to get dressed cos of our sunburn. Ive just had ang screeming whilst I was trying to fasten her bra and I was screeming whilst she was helping me out of my strappy top. As of now the burnt areas are feet, shoulders, knees and head. Got back at 11:45pm…what a rock and roll lifestyle we lead.

Wednesday 15th May

Woke up at 10am and got out of bed at 10:20 got ready to go out but I have just lost my keys to my suitcase. Went for brekfast and did some more shoppping. Whilst we were out there was this dangourous bug about and if they get near you they stick there head out and bite you and you can only get them off by buring them off.. they kept following us arround but luckily none of us got bit…first bit of luck all holiday. Sat by the pool at the moment..ang is trying to get her belly as red as the rest of her, sue has had enough of the sun and is reading and mat is being the usual sun worshiper. Not feeling to good today…feel abit of my hayfeever coming on. Went for tea then went to ‘roof garden’…for our deserts. Ang went for something a bit different…a fag, sue and mat hand an hanky panky each and I had 3 slices of chocolate gattaue…yes that’s right…3 slices. Got home whenever and went to sleepys.

Thursday 16th May

Woke up at 9:30 and got out of bed at 10:20. Sue and mat have gone to corfu town centre on a trip and me and ang are left on our own. We went and finished our souvenier shopping. Went to the pool after and I started reading ‘venus envy’ again…whilst and is still attempting to impove the reddness of her stomach. Went back to appartment and started packing..hope I get it all in. going back to roof garden tonite for tea…don’t hink I am going to have a desert though. I don’t really want to go home cos I like it here…I might come back next year but stay in a different appartment. Me and ang went to roof garden…and yes I did have another desert. Whilst we were there there was a power cut and it went really dark….didn’t stop me from eating though…not much does. I cant believe I only have 1 day left. Im going sleepys now cos I have to get up early tomorrow..if I can

Friday 17th May

Our last day *sob sob*
Went to the pool for our first morning meeting with Leah….its about 10:10….and I have already had 3 heinekans….i know its early but I wanted a drink. Leah came with a new rep and announced she was leaving on Monday…to go and travel round UK before going back to Oz. Ang went back to our apartments and I stayed there and chatted to her…gave her my email addy and she said that when she comes to manchester I have to take her out for a drink. Watched the Ali G film in bar….and ang told me that I talk and mumble in my sleep….
Left the apartment at 7:45 and the coach picked us up at 11:35…got to the airport at about 12:35am and the cues were massive…didn’t have a clue where we were going or whatever…..finally got on a plane this morning at 3am ish and landed in manchester at 5 am ish…slept through most of the flight…..but havent been to bed yet….

Well that’s what happened on my holliday…..oh yeah I almost 4got…I almost didn’t come back cos I got offered a job as a rep out there I nearly took it but I couldn’t really cos of college and work…

Well whats the goss here…whos arguing with whom??? Tell me tell me

May 19th, 2002, 03:47 AM
You sound like Bridget Jonse! lol! ;) :rolleyes: :D :)

May 19th, 2002, 06:59 PM
LOOOOOOLLLLLL!! sounds exactly like Bridget Jones diary VIva;)
well, you had a great time....:eek:

May 19th, 2002, 07:41 PM
i dont know whether to be insulted by that or not.....;)
it was an average holiday i think...could of been better.....but then again it could of been worse!!

May 20th, 2002, 02:07 PM
Glad you had a great time Kelly! Knew you would LOL


May 20th, 2002, 09:10 PM
thanks kelly - I had several chuckles out of that.. the key business, and whacking at the nozzle with a frying pan! what a visual ! :D

Plus someone trying to improve "the redness of her stomach"... hahaha!



May 21st, 2002, 10:20 AM
well i like to provide entertainment for people. it was a good holliday and i am planning on going back this september or next summer. anyone wanna come......never a dull moment with me around

May 21st, 2002, 12:17 PM
Frying pan event, very amusing, go on holiday agin, write some more, maybe you could become a travel writer and earn a packet.

so i take it u are charred?

May 22nd, 2002, 03:39 AM
awww...poor kelly :sad: - rough couple of days there, eh? at least you managed to have some fun there!

sounds like an, erm..., great trip! ;) - glad you're back :D