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Mar 26th, 2006, 07:39 PM
wow... one of the best worlds in a long time :eek: Four different countries took gold :eek: Pairs (China), Dance(Bul), Men( SUI), Women(USA)

Congrats to the Americans for running the show with four medals: 1 gold (Kimmie Meissner) and three broze (Cohen, Lysacek, Belbin&Agosto):worship: plus we were so close to getting that Bronze medal in pairs. :)


Denkova/Stavisky :worship: finally! two years too late but better now than never. Good for them! Also kudos to Drobiasko/Vanagas for a fantastic free skate. Now with N/K, D/S, D/V, D/L,G/G, C/S all probably gone :eek: who's going to compete against Belbin/Agasto? :lol: The USA will dominate Dance until the next Olympics :p

...always had a soft spot for Pang/Tong. They can finally go out with their heads high and their gold medal.:)
My heart broke for Hinzmann/Parchem :sad: total meltdown! Aaron is so sweet thought...the way he said "it's ok" to Marcy during the spiral sequence.*aw*

All three men gave fantastic skates(probably the best men's free skate since 1996) Poor Joubert :sad: you could see he thought he had it...*sight*

Another American teen queen wins again :p (in the tradition of Tara,Sarah,etc...) Poor Sasha* those judges were shoving her the gold medal...but still she found a way to lose :tape: :tape: what a shame so much potential.

btw a lot of eye candy this year :drool: Brian Joubert,Attila Elke(dance),John Kerr(Dance),Bryce Davison(pairs), Robin Szolkowy :drool:

Mar 26th, 2006, 09:11 PM
Hi! I started a thread asking the following:

I was just zapping through the channels and saw, that the hungarian skaters had to go on the ice but the woman was standing outside and was crying. The commentators kept repeating how bad luck that was, but never said, what happened (the commentators usually keep repeating everything again and again but if one time you would like to know what happened, they don't...)

so: what was it?

nobody answered; maybe you know?

BTW: Switzerland: Gold Medal for Stephane Lambiel, 6th place for Sarah Meier. Not bad! :bounce: