View Full Version : Why Wasn't Latter Days More Popular?

Mar 24th, 2006, 11:09 PM
I just saw Latter Days and for a unabashadly conservative Catholic I'd like to say that it was a GREAT movie. I haven't seen a movie that profound in awhile. It was very well written, and while the acting could've been better, Steve Sandvoss did an excellent job at his character.

It also showed some things about the Mormon church. Now, it was obviously a bit one-sided, and perhaps exaggerated ( I can't say, as I'm not mormon, but I know many and none are like those projected in the movie) but it was a great effort to try to expose some frailties in the church.

If you don't know, its a movie about a party, pretty-boy type gay man and a mormon missionary who fall in love. Its really a great story. Go and rent it. It came out in 2003, pre-Brokeback Mountain.

Now, while I haven't seen BBM, I don't understand why this movie couldn't have gotten closer to its level....it didn't even break $1 million. Thats absurd. BBM wasn't a blockbuster by anymeans, but it got a hellaofalot more attention than this movie. Is it just because it was more high profile? Or because in 2003 society wasn't ready for this movie?

I'm really interested to hear opinions from those who've seen one or both, and how you think the movie plays into the general politics of gay rights etc.

The movie doesn't really touch political issues, but moreso just a "this is who I am" type thing. It humanizes it a bit. I have a friend who is a like minded right-wing protestant only hes a firm believer that being gay is a choice. (Even though it kinda is a choice on some level beyond a certain degree of Biology, you can't convince me that Ancient Rome/Greece all just happened to have gay genes and the rest of later society didn't....I'm sorry I had to throw that in there just to save Republican face :o :tape: ) I want him to watch this movie. Its not going to change his mind, but I want to see the look on his face afterwards and hear what he has to say.

Its a shame more people didn't do the same.

Mar 25th, 2006, 12:23 AM
I saw "Latter Days" and found it utterly and completely boring. Sorry...

I haven't seen BBM

Mar 25th, 2006, 01:26 AM
I haven't seen it but I want to. It's just a little too stereotypical I think, plus it didn't have the budget of BBM, thus wasn't able to buy it's way into theatres and advertise as much. Also, the Mormon church had a little war with it that probably didn't help.