View Full Version : Cant connect in chat?

May 17th, 2002, 08:30 PM
I got into chat but I cant connect it says connection closed. Everytime I log in. I used to be able to use it fine. :confused: :confused:

May 17th, 2002, 08:34 PM
You're not alone Sean. I'm having the same problem, I can't connect either.:sad:

May 17th, 2002, 08:39 PM
Maybe it's full?

May 17th, 2002, 08:39 PM
:wavey: Cilla

Do u have this thing about about No more allowed in your connection class?

May 17th, 2002, 08:57 PM
Originally posted by Sean
:wavey: Cilla

Do u have this thing about about No more allowed in your connection class?

yeah exactly the same problem:(

May 17th, 2002, 09:05 PM
I think Candy's right.

:fiery: :fiery: :fiery:

Its bloody full

May 17th, 2002, 09:06 PM
Hey Sean, itz working now(well @ leat 4 me give it a try! You wer prob rite Candy 2 full.

May 17th, 2002, 09:12 PM
Yeah I got in and then it disconnected again...When I got in there were only about 3 ppl left - lol

May 17th, 2002, 09:19 PM
Lol!! We missed all the heated topics!Newayz glad we worked it out! I'm signing out now-glad we got through our struggle!:p

May 17th, 2002, 09:29 PM

Typical :rolleyes:

:wavey: L8r :kiss:

May 18th, 2002, 02:53 PM
Everytime I try the chat it doesn't connect. I've tried it on my Mac, a PC, in both browsers, but it never works. It seems like a better idea to go in chat to get scores, but it just won't work even when there aren't many people in there.

May 18th, 2002, 04:09 PM
Hi everyone,

Thanks for reporting this problem to us. There was an unintentional limit set on the live chat system that meant a maximum of 20 people could join at any given time. We have now fixed this so as many of you who want to chat live, or get scores, are able to do so!

And yes, this is the best way of live scoring because the chat server is much more resource friendly than vbulletin. :) Just login and you wont need to click refresh to get scores from a thread, while waiting ten minutes for the page to load.

May 18th, 2002, 07:38 PM
I'd just like to say the Live Chat worked brilliantly during Jen v Serena earlier. It's much better than the scoring threads as those who were watching the match on tv could instantly let everyone else know the score, instead of having to wait for the page to load:)

I did get disconnected at one point, but that was my computer's fault, nothing wrong with the chat.

Thanks Amanda!:wavey: