View Full Version : Who would win if they had a WTA contest like ESPN's Strongest Man in the World?

Feb 21st, 2006, 02:43 PM
It really would be interesting to watch. I think Svetlana K would do really well because her legs look really thick and muscular and she has a low center of gravity, she looks powerful. I also think Dementieva might have to be the favorite, she is tall, fit, strong, I would not mess with her because I bet she really could beat alot of guys' asses. Sharapova I dont think is all that strong, remember she is "only 18" Kirilenko and Hingis are well rounded, fast and quick, good endurance, but I dont see either of them doing well in the Atlas stones. Davenport? If they had a part of the contest where you got points for hitting the shit out of a forehand to any area of the court without ever moving your feet, she would do well but again, age and whatnot are a concern with her.

I guess Venus and Serena if they were in shape would have to be the favorite. But really, I know Serena is muscular, or used to be, but how strong is she? She is such a girly girl, which isnt a bad thing at all, but I dont know if I would bet on her if she and Mauresmo were to have a bench press competition against each other. Maybe Amelie is the favorite? She has the build and the endurance but can she hold it together mentally after 12 gruelling events or whatever?

If I had to bet on one competitor it would have to Elena Dementieva. You?

Feb 21st, 2006, 03:18 PM
Mauresmo for me...she's fit as a fiddle! And strong! :worship:

Feb 21st, 2006, 03:21 PM
Kuznetsova, for the reasons you stated. She's built like a sprinter cyclist, and since she's not as tall as the other players, she offers less of a target and wouldn't be as easy to topple.

My second pick, Dinara Safina. She's built like no other young woman I have ever seen. Loads of muscle, thick torso, long legs and arms - almost intimidating.

Lena is also a good candidate. She packs an impressive amount of muscle, both upper and lower body, to the extent that it's simply astonishing how she doesn't look butch. Quite the opposite, in fact.

If Hazel Eyes Ivanovic shed some of her baby fat and replaced it with muscle, she'd be second to none in the brute force department. I hope that never happens. I like her the way she is now.

Another very muscular player that I can remember right now is Kostanic, but she is a bit short. She looks kind of like Mirka Vavrinec's pretty kid sister on her WTA profile pic, but that's another matter.

Mauresmo isn't built like a man, as some claim - she does have broad shoulders, but a man of her size and athleticism would be much more buff.

Masha and Vaidisova look like stick insects compared with Lena and Kuznetsova.

Feb 21st, 2006, 03:25 PM
hmmm Gonna go With Lena ,shes really REALLY strong ,her arms are big and the legs amazingly powerful ,to be honest most of the others are not close ,theres pix of her doing chin ups on a tree branch ,shes got great endurance too ,Serena would have been fave ,but shes actually not as big as people think ,neither is Kuznetsova ,I have been stood right by her and while shes def solid ,shes tiny next to Elena..Momos strong also ,but I still dont think she could take Lena..

soo in pure strength contest ,I think Elena would be in a class of her own ,I am a strong guy and wouldnt dare take her on :lol: