View Full Version : My report from the region III boy's regionals

May 8th, 2002, 12:31 AM
We arrived at 8 am and we started to warm up after sitting for an hour and a half in an suv. It was soooooo humid that my light gray shirt was a darker shade of gray and I was wearing sweatpants so I warmed up with a couple of the guys hitting balls back and forth it was sooooooooo windy also so I stopped to rest after warming up for 30 minutes I went to change to shoets and then I read TENNIs Magazind for a while and drank lots of water at around 10 AM the draw was finished and we had to play the number 1 seed and the favorite to win the state title so I was like these guys are going to be good well they weren't exactly what we expected in the warm up they were hitting their serves out and hitting their shots long so we thought we had a good chance but the match was different we lost 6-0-6-0 in 24 minutes they hit their serves so hard I didn't even get my racquet on them I was like:eek: after every serve they hit . they were nice though and it was nice to see someone from a monieity be the favorites for a state title. Next we drew a team that we had played before and we stared to warm up and we broke serve but it was mostly them after that all though on every game we went to deuce and on that we went back and forth like 5 times in the second set we played much better and really had missed oppurtunities we lost the match 6-1-6-3 but it was in an hour and 30 minutes so it was a lot better but our hopes to go to state were gone as we finished 9th place out of 9 doubles teams the rest of the days we were cheerleaders for the rest of the team. Our n0.2 doubles team had a chance to go to state but they lost 6-4-6-7-7-5 in what is the most entertaining match I have ever seen they were up 4-2 in the third but they did great because they had never played tennis b4 this year. they got 5th place but they did great. They were asian and I admire how smart they played they gave absolutely nothing to the other team and the other team didn't deserve to win because they were cussing and throwong thier racquests and ona close call that our guys called out they said our you sure and our guys said yeah and the server from the other team was pissed and on the next few balls he hit out he would say sarcastically are you sure? Our no.1 singles guy got 7th place and our other hopeful for state reinjured his knee so as a team we finished 7th but it was a good season as I finished 6-11 in No.1 doubles Thanks to everyone who supported me .:bounce: :kiss: