View Full Version : OMG! Just found out it's VBN's b-day tomorrow!

May 8th, 2002, 12:08 AM
:bounce: Happy birthday VBN!!!!! :bounce:

Just popped into the non-tennis forum and found out it's your birthday on may 8th. Not to be petty, but it's my birthday too :D :p

love me people, love me dammit!

May 8th, 2002, 12:16 AM
Yeah, I'd just found the same thing out and was on my way to do this thread. So, cheers kazzmazz and happy birthday to VBN.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both VBN and Kazzmazz.

BTW, it's mine in 2 weeks on the 22nd, so here's to May babies!

cappy happy
May 8th, 2002, 12:41 AM
We luv you both!!!!! :kiss: :kiss:

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow)!!!!!!!!!! Actually for vbn it's already her birthday, right? They're, what, 5 hours ahead? HEY! Let's wake her up! Anybody know her telephone number? <JOKE - JOKE - THAT WAS A JOKE: If anyone has it - don't post it - we don't want C-bell to get it!!!>

So that makes you what - Taureses? (I think?) Aren't they stubborn?

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 8th, 2002, 01:26 AM
Happy Birthday to veryborednow and kazzmazz, two wonderful Jen Cap fans! Have a great day! :wavey:

May 8th, 2002, 03:10 AM
Happy Birthday!!!!

May 8th, 2002, 02:55 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 8th, 2002, 04:44 PM
Happy Birthday VBN!

Happy Birthday kazzmazz!


cappy happy
May 8th, 2002, 05:22 PM
Ladies, Now that it’s officially May 8th for both of you, I just wanted to say I hope you have a truly fantastic day and that all your birthday wishes come true!

And for fun, I just looked up your horoscope for today. Here you go:

Your Horoscope Taurus - May 08, 2002
Enjoy the process of learning as much as the incoming knowledge itself. You're awakened to the possibilities of color. Satisfaction comes easily and is deeply felt.

Taureans enjoy connecting with people, and their affectionate, sensual nature makes them ideal lovers.

The “enjoys connecting with people” part goes without saying! :D

But that last part - :eek: :eek: :eek: - weeeeeellll, we’ll just have to take your word for it now won’t we? (funny stuff)


May 8th, 2002, 05:30 PM
ello - HAPPY BRITHDAY kazzmazz!!! That's kinda scary don't ya think!!

Thanks everyone

Enjoy the process of learning as much as the incoming knowledge itself
FUCK that!! I'm having to REVISE on my brithday for 2 mocks tomorrow :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

May 8th, 2002, 10:48 PM
Thanks folks! And thanks cappy happy for the horoscope. For once it was actually decent...

I'll drink a beer to everyone in Jen's Den tonight. Two for you VBN. Sorry about the school shit :sad:

http://www.contrabandent.com/cwm/s/otn/party/party.gif http://www.contrabandent.com/cwm/s/otn/party/beerchug.gif .......... http://www.contrabandent.com/cwm/s/cwm/3dlil/puke.gif

May 9th, 2002, 01:45 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may all your dreams come true!

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 9th, 2002, 03:04 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 9th, 2002, 06:04 AM
Salamat tahun you two!:)

as you bounce into another year...........

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

The Den wouldn't be the same without you.

May 9th, 2002, 07:09 PM
To VBN and kazzmazz: Grattis på födelsedagen! Ett fyrfaldigt leve; hipp-hipp ... Hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra!

May 9th, 2002, 09:56 PM
Happy Birthday to VBN and kazzmazz!

(I know I'm a day late)

And always remember: "Taureans enjoy connecting with people, and their affectionate, sensual nature makes them ideal lovers."
:eek: :eek:

May 10th, 2002, 01:54 PM
Happy birthday and lots of love! :wavey:

Heidi Capriati
May 11th, 2002, 01:03 AM
Happy Birthday! :p (sorry I'm late ;))