View Full Version : Aussie Junior Champs...what happens?

May 7th, 2002, 07:26 AM
Australian girls who were quite successful dont seem to be able to make a successful transition into the pro ranks, or some have started okay, then faded off, lets hope that Evie Dominikovic doesnt become one of these..i think she can pick things up for herself, despite now being out of the top 100. Alicia has broken the pattern and become a top 50 pkayer. But these girls were different..

Jo-Anne Faull (remember her!)
Lisa McShea (VERY successful junior)
Maja Avotins
Joanne Limmer (1992 Aus Open junior champ, over Davenport!)
Annabel Ellwood (very successful junior, and seemed she wouldmake it and even made top 100, but faded sadly!)
Trudi Musgrave (Winner of Aus Open juniors over Schett in 1994)

May 7th, 2002, 08:51 AM
I remember all of those girl bello :) (a couple are still playing obviously)

I remember Jo-Ann made the final 16 of Wimbledon in 89 I think?
And Maja was quite promising but quit the tour at a young age because she just grew tired of the travelling and the financial strain etc...
Dont know what became of Joanne Limmer? :confused:

Anyway to get to the point...My theory is that its much tougher for the Aussie girls to make the transition, namely because we are so far away! American and European girls have it easier because they have loads of Challenger and Satellite events close by on an almost weekly basis. In Australia we have around 11 ITF tourns but the competition is a lot weaker than overseas so it is quite a shock for them when they do go over and play moe seasoned players. There are other factors involved, but that is a major one in my view.

Evie is starting to play a much better level of tennis lately and has consolidated her position in the rankings the past few weeks. I think she willl make it back in the top 100 (currently no.111) but I dont think she will be a bona fide top 50 player. Alicia needs to make some major adjustments to her game if she wants to rise. But she is heading in the right direction.